10 movies and series that will make you want to join a sports team

Sports movies are often a great choice, because they are often fast-paced and reliably exciting. Most people associate with characters, even those who don’t play or watch sports. It might pique the curiosity of some of us, creating a new love for the sport.

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Some sports are under the radar such as poker and chess. You may find yourself banned from watching shows on these sports due to a lack of knowledge about it, but it could be a mistake. These watches can change your opinions about sports, expand your knowledge, and can also give you a new hobby to try. Some of the films that may affect your next new hobby may beI’m TonyaAnd the Molly’s gameor Cobra Kai.

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“I, Tonya” (2017)

I’m Tonya It is a comedy drama based on a true story championship Margot Robbie Completely transformed into real life Tonya Harding. It follows the story of a very talented snowboarder and the many obstacles to becoming the United States Champion.

We watch her grow up into a struggling lifestyle with a neglected and abusive mother reflecting on her dating life. Her only love and achievements on the rink. This is until her husband takes her chances of winning into his hands ending in shock, violence and heartbreak.

“Hustle” (2022)

Accelerates It is a sports comedy-drama film starring Adam Sandler. He surrounds himself with his focus on NBA basketball. The basketball explorer struggles to make himself a professional NBA coach and has one chance if he finds a potential all-star player.

While in Spain, he discovers a talented player on a street court and has to prove his skill in America with many obstacles including money and family issues, anger and risking his career. This movie shows the complexity of basketball and its fast paced excitement.

“Moneyball” (2011)

Moneyball It is a sports drama film based on real events Brad Pitt. Auckland general manager follows a named Billy Ben He successfully tried to build a baseball team on a small and tight budget.

Computer generated analysis is used to acquire new players for the faltering team to have any chance of winning the world championship. This tactic is now used among many sports as a way to develop new and cheap players into brilliant athletes and sell them for a huge profit.

“The Blindside” (2009)

hidden side It is a sports drama film based on a true story Sandra Bullock And the Quinton Aaron. It follows the story of a traumatized homeless teenage boy Michael Uhr which a woman takes to her NFL-loving family.

Michael shows how interested the family looks and joins in the hype around the NFL. He later became an all-American football player and a first-round pick in the NFL with the help of his new family and his adorable little brother.

Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s game It is a crime drama based on true events Jessica Chastain Like real-life Molly Bloom. This movie follows an injured Olympic-class skater whose dreams are shattered and so he has to make it into the world through an even darker and illegal route.

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Molly ends up creating a file The world’s most exclusive high-end poker game. It describes many crazy events that happened including stories about famous players who engaged in illegal activity. If you research the characters, you may have a better idea of ​​our favorite actors and celebrities.

Queen’s gambit

Queen’s gambit It is a 2020 social issue television drama series starring Anya Taylor Joy. The film revolves around the story of a young girl who lives in an orphanage in the 1950s, named Beth Harmon, who has an amazing talent for chess. She trains with a series of different chess players who are extinguished as she gets older and more talented.

Beth starts motivating her with her ability to earn money through the game and then sets her sights on the World Championships after winning the American Championship. All while her talents are documented, It fights addiction and mental health issues. It is a complex series of many layers and a dramatic depiction of the game of chess.


kingdom IA shocking drama series released in 2014 with many graphic scenes. It follows the story of a broken family that fights their way to make them pro-MMA fighters and hopefully end up in the UFC. They have a keen love for this sport, but their personal life makes it very difficult to focus on it.

This movie is from the stars Nick Jonas, but it’s the least of your worries because the character development in this series is amazing. You grow to love every one, especially Jay. There are a lot of dramatic, violent, and heartbreaking circumstances in this series, but do you direct for their accomplishments surrounding MMA and their personal lives throughout.

“Cobra Kai”

Cobra Kai It is a comedy-drama series released in 2018, after Karate. If you like the movie the Karate Kid Then you will love this because it is a sequel series that includes the actors Ralph Macchio And the William Zabka As their original characters in the movies.

This series focuses heavily on Karate skills and competencies…and sometimes takes them too far in social situations. It’s a series full of love, hate and rage and it’s definitely an entertaining watch. It will show you the peace and anger you can get from sports and the exciting excitement of sports.

“Happy Gilmore” (1996)

Happy Gilmore It is a 1996 comedy sports movie starring Adam Sandler. It follows a rejected hockey player who joins a golf tournament to save his grandmother’s house. This movie shows you the skills and patience needed to become a skilled golfer.

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Gilmore has annoying anger issues that he must overcome in order to play at his best. It’s hilarious hour and brings out the true frustrations of this calm and serene game. He may show you a path to serenity in a new sports game.

I dare

dare me is a sports drama series that was released in the year 2018 after a group of teenage fans who got a new coach. It follows two fans, Beth and Addy, who face shattering relationships and loyalties as they attempt to reach the championship.

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This series is filled with mystery, murder, and shock as they attempt to carry each other into a squad triangle. It’s a dark series that shows you a new side of life and how a sporting hobby can help distract you from these issues.

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