2 of the main advantages of the New York Jets over the Baltimore Ravens

The New York Jets should increase their few advantages over the Baltimore Ravens

As an underdog with 6.5 points on their court (according to FanDuel Sportsbook), New York Jets They have their fair share of disadvantages against the Baltimore Ravens. We’ll be covering a lot of those over the next week.

But there are a few select areas where planes actually have an advantage over Baltimore. And if the Jets have any plans for a surprise victory, they should fully maximize those advantages.

Here are two critical matches that favor aircraft.

Pass TEs and RBs to planes against crows of pass TE/RB

The Jets use their tight ends and backs in a scrolling game frequently. They paid $15 million a year to the free binary agent CJ Ozuma And the Tyler Conklin. in the background, Press Hall And the Michael Carter All of them bleed with a striking upside.

Baltimore had major issues covering TEs and RBs last year. In 2021, the Ravens ranked second with 109.8 yards allowed per game for TEs and RBs.

Yes, a lot of that has to do with injuries. Crows won’t be that bad in that area this year. However, they may still struggle to cover TEs and RBs to some extent, as two of the biggest culprits on that stat will already start in 2022: linebacker Patrick Quinn and strongman safety Chuck Clarke.

According to Pro Football Focus, Quinn had the fourth-worst coverage score among 60 eligible players at 35.1. Clark ranked 42 out of 64 eligible safety with a coverage score of 61.1.

Clark is a magnet for air production as it has been attached to the eighth between safety zones in permitted yards (448) and permitted landings (4). Tyler Conklin should be able to beat Clarke with him Slick the ability to run the road. The planes have to prioritize targeting Conklin if they catch him in Clark in a man-to-man confrontation.

The Queen could be revealed in the bottom match due to his handling issues. He tied for fourth place among the midfielders with 20 missed tackles. The Jets should try to turn on some RB screens on the Queen and make it over. Or they can try to maximize CJ Uzomah YAC . skills Against Quinn by running Ozuma on crossing roads or drag routes in the vicinity of Queens (horizontal tracks that allow him to catch the ball with a steam head).

The Ravens have a lot of talent at center back with Marcus Peters, Marlon Humphrey and Kyle Fuller. They’ve also got a big plus in a free safety at Marcus Williams. All these players are dangerous. But the Ravens have two players to exploit in Quinn and Clark. You have to go after the jets with TEs and RBs.

Plus, the Ravens have a newbie Kyle Hamilton safe who should get some shots. It’s always a good idea to have a defensive youngster in his first game of his career. If you see it outside, tap it.

Chasing Hamilton makes more sense when considering his skill set.

Hamilton is a talented jack of all trades, but at 6-foot-4, 220-pound super-fast (4.59), he can be tapped with fast weapons. Hamilton also struggled badly with missed tackles in pre-season (3 missed attempts / 50.0% missed tackles). Finding ways to have Hamilton chase and put the finishing touches on their backs is a good plan, especially the explosive hall.

CBs vs. Ravens WRs

After trading Marquise Brown with the Cardinals, the Ravens’ wide receiver doesn’t look great on paper. As week one approaches, they’ll be putting out a cast made up of Rachod Bateman, Devin DuVernay, James Brosh, Tillan Wallace, and DeMarcus Robinson.

Batman is a sexy sophomore who seems ready for a great year, but other than that, this group has nothing to write home about. The NFL world agrees. The PFF ranks Baltimore’s WR unit as a league unit 29 the best. Ranked by Lineups.com 28. Sharp Football Analysis Class 24.

New York, meanwhile, has a corner set that looks ready to excel. DJ was red One of the most efficient Cover corners in the NFL last year. The making of Michael Carter II Very few mistakes As a beginner and ready to take the leap into year two.

Gardner’s sauce is the tenth factor. Like Hamilton, Gardner is a junior defensive back who will make his debut in the NFL, so he will likely be challenged and potentially prone to errors. But Gardner is out of his dominant pre-season closure cover Resulted in opponents throwing 0 targets in his path during 24 cover shots.

In 2021 we saw picks for first-round starters like Patrick Sertin and Jesse Horn Translate their massive reasons In excellent success in the regular season. If Gardner could do the same, he’d be a general rookie stud, and give the Jets a great three in the back corner.

When Baltimore’s attack is on the field, New York will have the advantage on paper overseas. Airplane angles for sure Should Pull their weight and control this match.

The Baltimore offensive has a host of advantages outside of a WR-vs-CB game: blocking runs against the Jets defense, Mark Andrews court finish against linebackers and safety, and Lamar Jackson against front jet defenses that can struggle with gap control and edge-defining.

If the Jets’ angles can’t level the playing field by completely shutting down the Ravens’ widescreen, the Baltimore attack will have the advantage in every area, leading to an afternoon of massive offensive success.

But if angles could remove the wide receivers from the game, the crows would become more one-dimensional, making it easier for jet planes to slow them down.