2008 NHL Draft Take Two: Seventh Overall Pick

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it allows us to look back and wonder ‘what could have been’. Despite trying to achieve perfection, exploration and draft picking are far from an exact science and, at times, don’t work the way teams – or players – intended. for every Patrick Kingthere patrick steven.

We look back at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and ask how that might rock knowing what we’re doing now. Will the first round stay the same, or will some late picks jump to the top of the board?

The results of our paraphrasing so far are as follows with the original draft in parentheses:

1st overall: Stephen StamkosTampa Bay Lightning (1)
The second in general: Drew DottieLos Angeles Kings (2)
3rd overall: roman joseAtlanta Thrashers (38)
Fourth overall: Alex PetrangeloSt. Louis Blues (4)
Fifth in general: Eric CarlsonToronto Maple Leafs (15)
Sixth in general: John CarlsonColumbus Blue Jackets (27)

Instead of disappointing Nikita FilatovBlue Jackets has captured one of the best offensive defensemen of the past decade. Carlson has scored at least 70 points in three of the past four years and reached a career high of 75 in the shortened 2019-20 coronavirus campaign, placing him second in the Norris Cup vote. He’s cut nearly 26 minutes every night in his 2018 Stanley Cup career and is on track to score 600 points early this season. It’s not often that a draft has five defenders capable of dominating the early board, but the Blue Jackets followed the trend and chose their own blueliner.

We now turn to the seventh selection and the first two picks from the first round by the Nashville Predators.

There was always a chance that the Predators could turn the tide of their franchise with the 2008 draft, although few expected it to come from the second round, when Josie was selected at number 38. Instead, one would have thought he was either the seventh or eighth choice. Ten who will become the talent that changes the franchise down the road.

With their first pick, General Manager David Boyle (who has been well associated with American hockey for a very long time) decides to enroll in the college ranks and get the freshman top spot, Colin Wilsonfrom Boston University. Wilson completely dominated the Under-18 side, scoring six goals in six World Juniors games and had an NHL pedigree. His father, Carrie Wilsonhas scored more than 400 points at the NHL level and competed in the Olympic Games (for Canada), his uncle Jeff Wilson It was a draft of the Pittsburgh Penguins and his grandfather Jerry Wilson He played three games for the Montreal Canadiens in 1956-57. In fact, Carey was acquired by Calgary Flames just months after Poile left his role there as the AGM, making Colin’s pick a sort of single family circle.

This wasn’t a sensible choice, though. Wilson was a solid center for BU, scoring 12 goals and 35 points in 37 games as a freshman, making him the North American ninth skater by NHL Central Scouting and a sure bet to be an influential player on a professional level. When he won Jim Johansson’s USA College Hockey Player of the Year award the following season and led BU to a national championship, he was clearly ready to jump in. He played in the world championships that spring against an NHL talent (with Poile being the assistant general manager for the US team) and then transitioned to professional hockey in 2009-10.

Although he may not have been named player of the year, Wilson had a solid career, scoring 113 goals and 286 points in 632 appearances. He was a versatile mid-six striker for many years with the Predators, reaching 20 goals and 42 points in 2014-15.

after, after Announcing his retirement In early 2021, Wilson continued to make a positive impact in a very different way. He released an emotional trailer in The Players’ Tribune that details his struggles with an OCD diagnosis, his battle to keep his career on the rails, and his hopes that others with similar difficulties will open up around them in the future.

Played in the NHL. I lived my dream. And I fought in Hell to work for myself. My name may not be in the Stanley Cup, and that’s okay. Because I know there is an opportunity for me not only to make my mark in hockey, but also on life all over the world.

When Jimmy Hayes He died tragically in the summer of 2021 of a drug overdose, Wilson I moved to the pages of the Tribune again, to dig deeper into his own history of drug abuse. It was an attempt to get rid of itself and perhaps shed a brighter light on the growing epidemic of overdose, and how it affects people with mental health disorders.

Unlike some of the other players selected in the first round, Wilson wasn’t a loser. It ranks 18th in points among all players from the Draft category. But with the hindsight advantage, Predators could select a different talent, someone who would have made a greater impact on the organization.

With the seventh overall pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, who will pick the Nashville Predators? Cast your vote below.

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Image courtesy of USA Today Sports Images