2022 NFL season predictions: What will the Detroit Lions’ record be like?

Back when the 2022 NFL schedule was released, expectations were about Detroit Lions It was about 0.500 season. In our poll of more than 7,000 fans, 83 percent of voters expected blacks to have a record between 6-11 and 10-7, with the biggest piece of the pie coming in at 7-10.

But now this training camp has passed, and”strong blows“He managed to raise the level of the squad, did expectations change at all? Did Aidan Hutchinson, Charles Harris, Malcolm Rodriguez and Jeff Okudah’s play suddenly give us a peek at what could be a much better defense this year? Did Jared Goff’s successful summer convince Lions fans that this might Be one of the top 10 infractions?

It’s time to revisit the predictions for the 2022 Detroit Lions with the next installment in the 2022 NFL season preview series: What will the Detroit Lions number in 2022, and will they make the playoffs?

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Jerry Mallory: 7-10, no playoffs

It’s going to be a tough start, but the team will make a good improvement towards the end of the year. The offense would be ‘noteworthy’ but the defense still needs another year of development and player acquisition in order to take the post-season tour the following year in 2023.

Hamza Bakoush: 7-10, no qualifiers

When I look at the Lions’ roster, it’s still relatively devoid of a few key pieces necessary to be a playoff team, or dare I even pronounce the term contender. I think the Lions are in “understandable, but not terrible” territory in 2022. Less than six wins would raise red flags in my eyes, but anything over eight would be a pleasant surprise. I think this Lions team has the best chance of a surprise run as a Wild Card than any Lions we’ve seen in the past half-decade, but I’m not holding my breath given the number of moving pieces out there across this young roster.

Ryan Matthews: 9-8, no playoffs

The Lions’ record would be 9-8, having finished over 0.500 for the first time since 2017, but they will go out before the playoffs in some tiebreak or technique. #DvE

John Whitaker: 6-11, no playoffs

I think that lions can overwhelm bears, and confrontations between them and giants, jaguars, jetties and leopards look promising. Taking the loss somewhere, plus an annoyance or two, I think six wins is a reasonable expectation.

Perfect Chris: 6-11, no playoffs

Rest assured, this amounts to nearly double the total win compared to last year. This should be a victory, even if it’s not for the alpha competitors who make up this coaching staff, or the impatient fans around Detroit talking about their struggles without a team in the playoff series. Anything else, for now, is gleaned from frantic reporting from training camp (irrelevant), Hard Knox (irrelevant) and pre-season (irrelevant). The noise will soon subside, and there is only the cold reality of the true season, the stony reality, staring at you.

Eric Schlett: 9-8, after playoffs

I Make this schedule prediction back in MayAnd I’m sticking with it. This team has an offense that will keep them in the games, and a very favorable schedule, which would lead to contention for a playoff point, but I think they haven’t made it to the post-season.

Mike Payton: 10-7, playoffs

The Lions’ record should be much better in 2022. I was sold into this team. I’m all the way. The Blacks would finish at 10-7 and they would sew the seventh and final seed in the NFC.

Morgan Cannon: 7-10, no playoffs

Seven wins would be a successful season for me and a great sign of things to come. The list is a lot longer than it was this time last year, but when you stop and really look at things – there are still a lot of areas of concern, especially in terms of defense.

Jeremy Raisman: 8-9, no qualifiers

If this team remains relatively healthy (did that ship actually sail?), their roster is good enough to compete in nearly every game this season. Despite this, depth is an issue, especially in terms of defense. However, I have great confidence in this technical staff, which is really important with such a young roster. It’s probably a list of six wins, but the coaching staff made them win a couple.


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