2022 Report Card: Ryan Lindgren

Ryan Lindgren was a strong contributor to the New York Rangers during the 2020-21 season, and went on to develop into a quality defensive player who provided a fine balance on the other side of Adam Fox. Lindgren’s expectation in the 2021-22 season was to do more of the same, and to go on to highlight how much value his contract was.

Lindgren averaged 20:06 per game from New York RangersTop pair with Fox, and finished with 4 goals, 11 assists for 15 points in 78 games. Attacking isn’t a huge part of Lindgren’s game, but his contributions were appreciated.

Lindgren was worth 6.6 goals above substitution, a slight drop from the 8.2 he deserved the previous season, but this can be attributed to a drop in the offensive side of the puck. Lindgren’s offensive component in the GAR was -0.7, down from the 2.9 he finished with the previous year. However, the scale ranked him as defensively stronger than the previous year, where he finished a rating of 6.7, while in 2020-21 when he finished a rating of 4.9

When it comes to his player card, here’s how to rank Lindgren.

For context, this is his card from the previous year.

The drop in offensive efficiency lifted Lindgren from the 79th percentile of all defensemen to 54th, but if you only look at defense, he slips from 93rd to 88th. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, and certainly not something to stand on because The main goal for him is to prevent abuse rather than go out of his way to generate it.

Lindgren finished ninth among the players on the list with goals percentage 54.6 in 5v5, 11th in Corsi by percentage (48.22), and fifth in projected goals percentage (49.71). If you just include the defenders, Lindgren ranked fourth in GF%, fourth in CF%, and second in xGF%.

It wasn’t quite as steep as it was the year before, and I wonder if some of that has to do with adjusting to a new coach, a different playing style, and a longer schedule. It’s something worth noting, especially when you consider how strong K’Andre Miller has performed, and how he looks ready to take on a bigger role on the team.

There’s also the fact that Lindgren was one of those players who has apparently always been fighting something out in terms of injury, and this was especially true during playoffs, although when all was said and done he tried to dismiss it as a minor ankle injury. His reputation is that he’s a warrior, but moving forward could be good for him and the team if he takes some time off when something is really bothering him.

Class: b + | Joking consensus: B +

Lindgren had a good season and continued to contribute positively to the Rangers team. Overall, he wasn’t as effective as the year before, but he kept holding an important position in the team while constantly advancing to sacrifice his well-being for the good of the team.

Lindgren is still a staggering $3 million per year deal and will be under contract for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 seasons. After that, it’s RFA, and the Rangers will need to make an important decision. Lindgren has come a long way since his NHL debut, and has certainly exceeded any and all expectations that accompanied him after joining the organization via the Rick Nash trade to the Boston Bruins.

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