49ers news: This video of Trey Lance bounces back against Seattle

For a simple opening, this was definitely a hard landing.

Chicago showed me what this year’s team looks like when a quarterback needs to get past it. We saw this in 2019 when they played the Rams and New Orleans, and those were Jimmy’s best moments. We’re in that position now because the most important games of 2019 and 2021 also demanded a quarterback pass, but Jimmy stayed Jimmy.

Those moments—where the defense gets shot, the skill is fouled, the special teams get muddled, and the other team’s quarterback starts to flip the switch—those are the moments when the game can turn itself around, fouls pile up into an avalanche, and it becomes a new game. completely. The game turns, and the quarterback needs to shift with it. The safe, calculated and competent game that gets your team ahead in the third quarter is not the one that will win when the game gets chaotic in the fourth.

Quarterback needs chaos to deal with chaos. They need an evil side. They need to take advantage of their shadow. They need to dig deep and go into psychological mode. You have to be a little quirky to face that kind of crushing pressure and laugh at him.

Rita Oak simply refuses to miss

When this video came out on Thursday, I breathed a sigh of relief. Quarterback has this dawg in it. It’s not that I endorse any of these activities – I hope it’s respectful. Just because it’s this kind of situation doesn’t mean anyone needs to be disrespectful. A lot of guys think the environment gives them a license to be disgusting creeps and that’s absolutely okay – but I’m glad Lance has a dark side that he’s not ashamed of.

You must be in contact with your shadow to thrive in its setting. You should be able to dwell in the gutter and become dark instead of drowning in it. Otherwise how do you bounce back from having to toss a ball in the monsoon, with the game on the line, and then get dragged through the mud all week after leaving Chicago? He no longer plays for the love of the game, he plays for the hatred of his enemies.

Every American, good man, QB role model is a relic of the past. Tom Brady did just that in the media scene in the early 2000s. Today, Tom Brady drops F-bombs, throws Lombardy trophies through the water while visibly wasting, and has marital problems on public display. Aaron Rodgers was Cal’s golden boy. Today he is a golden teacher away in honor of Dock Ellis on the football field. You can try to maintain the facade during the toughest times to maintain the facade, or you can retreat to this unbridled age of social media and surfing.

So I’m glad this video came out. Lance must be the same. Those short/medium throws will come over time, but getting out of his head will speed up this process. Those deep bombshells and extended plays must come from a place of inner strength, not to prove anything to anyone but for the sake of their greatness. That’s why Evil Trey Lance needs to take over.

broadcast this thing. Take this identity when the moment calls for it, and the rest of the team will follow. Blow off some steam when appropriate, even if this version is not appropriate.

Is Trey Lance really built differently? After peeking through the curtains, we’re about to see what his foundation really looks like.