49ers players describe Garoppolo’s return as a ‘win-win’ situation

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) – Before the news of Jimmy Garoppolo staying in San Francisco as the reserve quarterback went public last week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan assembled a group of his team leaders in his office to explain the situation.

Shanahan told them he had spoken with general manager John Lynch with Garoppolo and rookie Tre Lance and believed that keeping Garoppolo as a reserve expert on a reduced contract would eventually help the team.

While the situation may seem awkward – and almost unprecedented – from the outside, the Niners believe the personalities of their midfielders and leadership in the locker room will make sure it doesn’t cause a problem.

“I think the core of the guys that we have here and the culture that we’ve created over the past five or six years with Kyle and John, our locker room is in a position where we can deal with things like this and it doesn’t get in the way of our focus or our enthusiasm,” Mike McGlincy said on Monday. “.

“Because of that, it’s smooth and everyone is passionate about it, excited to keep our friend in the building and also help out a very talented guy who helps us win matches. At the end of the day, it’s just all about winning matches. I think having both of them here helps us do that.”

After Garoppolo spent his sabbatical away from the team in rehab from off-season shoulder surgery and a training camp throwing alone on a side field and not attending meetings, he returned to the fold last week.

He agreed to cut his 2022 salary from an unsecured $24.2 million to a guaranteed $6.5 million with a chance to earn about $9 million more in roster and playtime bonuses.