5 moments of Alexander Romanov that you will love

Heading into the 2022 NHL Draft, New York Islanders They owned their first-round pick for the first time since the draft in 2019 when they picked Simon Holmstrom Ranked 23rd overall. Despite having the pick on July 7th, the common belief was that GM Lou Lamoriello would move the 13th overall pick in exchange for an immediate roster upgrade. The route wasn’t exactly a straight line to get there, but Lamoreello did just that, rather than using selection to improve what’s largely known as a poor probabilistic pool in the islanders pipeline.

Moments before the trade was announced, it was believed that something was brewing between the islanders and Vancouver Canucks. It was rumored that the Canucks family were reluctant to sign GT Miller For a long-term contract, they were open to hearing offers on a 99-point player.

When the push began, the Kanucks family seemed unwilling to allow Miller to speak with the islanders causing the deal to collapse on the table, and when asked about the situation, Patrick Alvin and Lamorello sent conflicting messages about what had happened:

Ask Vancouver.

Lou Lamurillo on a potential Miller trade

“There was definitely nothing going on [with the Islanders]. “

Patrick Alvin talks about Miller’s potential trade

Believe it or not, we’re not here to talk about Miller’s fallout. Lamoreello had a plan, and a good one when things fell apart at the last second with Vancouver. Moments later, the Islanders and the Montreal Canadiens agreed to switch the thirteenth overall standings Alexander Romanov and a fourth round in 2022. The fourth round was later used to select the defender Isaiah George.

The acquisition of the Romanovs received mixed reviews. Some believe it was a high price to pay and others believe the islanders have an influential player. The fact of the matter is that the islanders exchanged a man of defense who would enter the islanders’ blue line in the top four, Noah Dobson D- The new partner. Romanov is 22 years old and is known as a physically defensive guy with excellent skating ability. He has already amassed a remarkable reel of big hits and some believe he has untapped potential in the offense department. Regardless, Romanoff is the kind of defensive NHL organization hoping to put a draft into a 13th overall and be an immediate upgrade to the islanders’ blue line.

To the disappointment of the inhabitants of the unofficial island, the acquisition of the Romanovs was lost. like TSN Eric Makramala “(Romanov) is a clench your parents feel when they hit you,” he said. It’s a young and exciting addition to the islanders’ defense that will surely bring fans to the edge of their seats or feet with some big hits on the ice with the potential to thrive on more in a well-organised environment. Lynn Lambert the system. With that, let’s take a look at some of Romanov’s most significant moments in his NHL career.