5 NFL Business Ideas That Should Happen Before October | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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    Dion Jones | AP Photo / Butch Dale

    The commercial market will be relatively quiet in the early stages of the 2022 NFL season, but the rumor mill is expected to pick up speed as September rolls into October.

    Let’s be clear: It’s definitely not the time to blow up a list. While the surprise reactions are fun for both fans and the media, the single-game sample size is a terrible way for the front office to manage a team. Executives have to be more patient than us.

    We still know the trades will come soon enough.

    The following deals focus on players who are either well-known commercial candidates or currently occupy secondary and playoff roles with voids to be addressed.

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    AP Photo / Steve Luciano

    All the offseason, any number of analysts have pointed to the uncertain reception room of the Green Bay Packers as a major concern. This is not new.

    The opening game against the Minnesota Vikings did little to allay those concerns. Widespread rookie Christian Watson dropped a potential relegation from Aaron Rodgers, and veterans Sammy Watkins and Randall Cope had no effect. Running back AJ Dillon had a firm pace in receptions (five) and yards (46), and he’s certainly not perfect in both production and execution.

    Yes, both Watson and fellow rookie Romeo Dobbs should develop as the season progresses. The return of superstar Allen Lazard, attacking lineman David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins will help with the pass as well. Again, we already knew the current situation.

    But the upgrade is still necessary.

    Green Bay can look to the New York Giants for Darius Slayton. He hasn’t recently approved a file Incentive-laden wage cutsbut Slayton was also a healthy scratcher in Week 1. It’s clearly not a Plan A option for the Giants and wouldn’t cost more than choosing a late racket.

    However, the 25-year-old has 124 catches for 1,830 yards and 13 touchdowns in three NFL seasons. Slayton will provide a blend of youth and experience that Green Bay lacks outside of Lazard.

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    AP Photo / Rick Scooteri

    How aggressive should a marginal playoff competitor be?

    That’s a key question for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the opener thanks to four interceptions. Pittsburgh’s defense pardoned a miserable day of offense led by Mitchell Trubesky – a sentence that will likely be written again this season.

    Unfortunately for the Steelers, they will be without a TJ Watt rim pusher (a torn bra) for about six weeks. Table strength can be used reinforcement.

    In the meantime, Clin Ferrell can make a fresh start.

    The fourth overall pick for the 2019 NFL draft, Ferrell played only 24 percent of the picks for the Las Vegas Raiders despite making all 16 appearances last season. He scored 28 percent in the opening game, so it seems that his role is mostly unchanged.

    Similar to Darius Slayton, Ferrell is a backup with an expired contract. It’s a low-risk addition, can help fill in watt shots, and is potentially a low-cost extension candidate.

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    Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Between Week 1’s workload and great gameplay, Teven Jenkins suddenly has a chance to stay with the Chicago Bears.

    Sure, the surprising 53 percent engagement doesn’t sound confusing, but it was a lot bigger than expected. The former crew hesitated to play with him when he was healthy, and the current set Jenkins switched from offensive tackle to right keeper during pre-season. His future in Chicago was, at best, uncertain.

    This is the long version of saying that the bears may still envision a route to regular playtime. If his performance declines, it is already clear that Jenkins’ options are limited in Chicago. The addition of free agent Lucas Patrick will be there to replace him as well.

    On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals had a terrible opening. they gave up 27 pressures to the Kansas City Chiefs and only won 282 yards in a 44-21 loss.

    Jenkins played the same kind of offensive at Oklahoma State, so a return to a more familiar system could be a spark to his youthful career.

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    David Griffin/Sportswear Icon via Getty Images

    Among the players on the list, Atlanta Falcons midfielder Dion Jones is most likely to move in 2022.

    Over six seasons, he averaged 108.6 interferences versus 6.7 losses per year. The challenge is to balance this production with the 2021 campaign in which Jones had staggering numbers (131 interventions) but often failed his eye test.

    Jones is currently in injured reserve while recovering from a shoulder injury, but he could still be traded. Most importantly, a Recent restructuring Make his contract more attractive to interested teams. Now, the acquisition side will be in trouble $1.14 million.

    Jones turns 28 in November, and his upside is worth betting on the Tennessee Titans.

    David Long Jr. and Zach Cunningham are key players today, but Tennessee lacks depth in the linebacker. And while Jones will be more expensive in 2023, the Titans could keep him or Cunningham and stay in a similar financial position based on maximum savings.

    If the Titans don’t upgrade the defense, it’s hard to see them stuck in the AFC addon picture.

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    Frank Jansky / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    If the Cleveland Browns continue not to play D’Ernest Johnson, they may also collect quite a bit of value.

    Now, that doesn’t mean Cleveland should find Johnson’s touches on Nick Chubb or Karim Hunt. But Brown canceled Hunt’s pre-season trade order, using him on 56 percent of the shots in the opening and making Johnson a healthy scratch.

    The backfield offside arrangement is clear, and Johnson heads to free agency in the off-season anyway.

    Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers initially lost Elijah Mitchell (knee) for probably two months. This comes after the release of Trey Sermon and JaMycal Hasty, as well as the loss of Raheem Mostert to free agency.

    Cleveland shouldn’t be so resilient to a late pick of a player he’s not using anyway. But the Niners have space for a runner with 5.3 yards per carry in his young career.