6,000 teachers strike in Seattle as strike wave grows – Outside of Seattle, teachers strike in Sorurban

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Greetings from Burgh, an important three-game streak in the baseball playoffs rages as the series has all been linked between the first-placed New York Mets in the Eastern National League and last-place NL Central Pirates.

Two-time NL Cy Young winner Jacob DeGrom takes the hill for the Mets as they attempt to clinch Game 3 of the series in Pittsburgh with the Atlanta Braves closely behind the Mets.

MLB Players Association Joins AFL-CIO

In the big baseball news, the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) has decided to join the AFL-CIO. The move comes as the league, which has nearly 1,200 members in Major League Baseball and has been criticized for being a “millionaire club” of professional soccer players, has launched a massive election to represent more than 5,000 minor league players, some of whom are paid $500. . week.

It was a mistake to have major league players get more involved in helping the broader labor movement, said Players Union president Tony Clark, a former All-Star player with the Detroit Tigers and the first black president of the players union.

He said the recent shutdown of Major League players last winter and efforts to organize small leagues by groups like Advocates for Minor Leaguers, helped make the union realize it needed to do more to help workers outside of Major League Baseball.

“The truth is that we reflected on where our organization is and the things we can do to move it forward as part of the broader work discussion,” Clark said at a press conference at the National Press Club today.

To find out more about what the advertisement means, Check out Dave Jamieson’s coverage of the HuffPost event.

6,000 teachers go on strike in Seattle as strike wave grows this fall

In Seattle, more than 6,000 teachers and members of the Seattle Education Association are on strike today as they continue to negotiate a contract with Seattle Public Schools.

Teachers are calling for lighter work situations, more pay for overtime, and more respect in work environments they say are often harmful.

“More than half of SEA members have considered switching buildings, areas, or jobs because of racism, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, or disrespect,” The union said in a statement. “SPS and SEA must develop a process to improve accountability for officials and stimulate healthy and positive work environments. SEA members need more power to address hostility in our buildings and programs.”

For more information on the union’s negotiation priorities, check out their website.

Other Strikes in Seattle’s Suburban School District

Teacher strikes have spread to the Seattle suburbs, with more than 300 teachers at 42 schools in the Kent School District going on strike last week before that. A preliminary agreement was reached this week.

Now, teachers at Seattle’s Eatonville School District are on strike, too. More than 100 teachers in Eatonville say they have been trying to reach a deal for months.

“Unfortunately, the county and their outside counsel chose to halt these negotiations rather than seek a fair deal,” Eatonville United said in a statement issued by the federation. We reached out to the region in March to start negotiations in the hope of reaching a good deal before the last minute, but we didn’t get a response from them until June. By the time we were finally seated in July, we had been met with a rejection of our offers and proposals that would undermine fair compensation. For the past month and a half, the region has failed to deal with our proposals.”

For more, check out Eatonville United.

Lordstown battery workers’ strike

In December of 2019, Payday Report Warning That a new joint venture between General Motors and LG Energy to produce electric batteries at the closed Lordstown plant in Ohio was merely an attempt to bankrupt the union.
Now these concerns are paying off.

More than 800 workers at Ultium Cells Battery (the name of the new joint venture) at the old Lordstown GM plant will vote to strike this weekend if the company does not recognize the union. Previously, the Lordstown GM plant closed in 2019, but has now partially reopened.

But the GM-led leadership of Ultium Battery refuses to agree to union neutrality provisions and will not automatically agree to union recognition if the majority of workers sign union cards.

All too often, companies demand workers hold a long and costly union election, where suspicion can be planted in the minds of workers against the union. However, the UAW is asking the GM joint venture to agree to the same union neutrality provisions found in GM’s contracts for newly opened GM plants to determine whether it wants to join the union.

“This process has been approved by many employers for the smooth and peaceful recognition of the UAW,” UAW Vice President Terry Deets wrote in a letter to union leaders last summer. “Ultium flatly rejected those basic, basic features to recognize the card check that we proposed.”

For more, check out Youngstown TV WKBN.

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Mercedes-Benz Strike in San Diego enters its fourth month

Finally, in San Diego, a group of nearly 35 Mercedes-Benz auto technicians in San Diego is entering its fourth month. Despite the company firing 20 auto technicians while on strike this summer, a group of largely Latino auto technicians say they will continue their strike, which has drawn an emotional outpouring of community support from unions in San Diego.

“We are in this fight to protect our industry and increase the density of unions in the San Diego area,” IAM Local 1484 Chief Shop Steward and Master Technician Pedro Gomez said in a statement. “We will either be heroes or martyrs with this blow, but either way, we are winning.”

For more information on the strike, check out the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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