A deep look inside Eagles contracts, salary cap as the 2022 season enters

Now that the Eagles have nearly finished their 53-man opening roster – still at 52 – it’s time to take a look at some great salary and contract trends.

the most expensive? Least expensive? Biggest cover hits? The biggest deals?

With a big tip of the hat to Spotrac and OverTheCap, two comprehensive salary cap sites, let’s take a look:

Where does the money go?

Some things never change, and from the early days of Andy Reed’s tenure here – nearly a quarter century ago – the Eagles built around the two lines. Howie Roseman supports that philosophy as well, and this year is no different. Spotrac provides a breakdown of cap rankings by position, showing the Eagles’ combined offensive line cap number for 2022 at $41.7 million, the second-highest in the league, and a D-line number of $47.1 million, fifth-highest. The total — $88.8 million — is the third-highest in the league for both lines, behind the Colts ($96.7 million) and the Jets ($90.5 million) and ahead of the Chiefs ($87.6 million). A team coached by a former Eagles coach, one was his general manager working under Howie Roseman and the other was coached by Reid himself. The Eagles are in the bottom 10 in the NFL in spending caps at every other position: quarterback (30 at $5 million), dips (28 at $5.2 million), wide receiver (24 at $12.6 million), tight end (23 at $5.3 million), full-back (27 at $9.3 million) and junior (24 at $22.8 million). The two lines combined account for 42 percent of the Eagles’ total ceiling.

Who makes the most?

There are 10 Eagles with an average annual salary of at least $13 million, according to Spotrac: AJ Brown $25 million, Lynne Johnson $18 million, Darius Sly $16.68 million, Jordan Mailata $16 million, Hasson Riddick $15 million, Dallas Goodert $14.25 million, Fletcher Cox $14.0 million, Josh Sweet $13.33 million, Brandon Graham $13.33 million and Javon Hargrave $13.0 million. But there are only three players worth between $5.3 million and $13 million (James Bradbury $7.25 million, Avonte Maddox $7.5 million, Jason Kelsey $9 million). There is no middle ground.

Biggest Salary Deals

The Eagles have six starters averaging under $3 million a year, according to Spotrac – TJ Edwards ($2.2 million), Landon Dickerson ($2.16 million), Jalen Hurts ($1.51 million), Miles Sanders ($1.34 million), Chauncey Gardner Johnson ($826,025) and Marcus Epps ($672,029). Other regulars under $1 million a year include Kenny Jenwell ($953,882) and Quiz Watkins ($866,166). Sanders is the 43rd highest-paid player in the league. Edwards, Sanders, Gardner-Johnson, and Epps are all unsigned after this year.

Where does ranking hurt?

Galen Hurts, who is now starting the third season of his second-round rookie deal, is the 55th highest-paid in the league with an average annual salary of $1.51 million per year. The only QB with a lower average annual salary is Davis Mills of the Texans with $1.3 million. Fourteen quarterbacks earn more weekly than Hurts earns annually (Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Killer Murray, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Derek Carr, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Ryan Tanehill).

What about dead money?

According to OverTheCap, the Eagles are taking a maximum of $59.84 million in salary caps this year. Dead money is the combined maximum liability of players who are no longer here (or who are here but not in their original contract with the Eagles). Five players count more than $5 million in dead money this year, including two who are still on the team — Fletcher Cox $12.83 million and Derek Barnett $7.25 million. Other big financial hits include Malik Jackson ($9.0 million), Brandon Brooks ($5.94 million), Sean Jeffrey ($5.44 million), Zach Ertz ($3.55 million), Anthony Harris ($2.41 million) and Rodney MacLeod ($2.14 million). dollar).

Who got the smallest contracts?

Irregular or late pick players involved in starter deals will be the lowest paid players on the roster because they haven’t yet benefited from annual CBA increases. The lowest median annual salaries on the 53-man list belong to Epps ($672,029), Gardner Minshew ($677,721), Sua Opeta ($762,500), and Jack Stoll ($815,833) and Gardner-Johnson ($826,025). With contracts growing significantly more profitable each year, undocumented freshmen like Josh Jobe, Josh Sills, and Reed Blankenship all make more (about $856,000) than veterans like Minshew, Gardner-Johnson, and Epps.

How long does it take to sign it?

Lynne Johnson is the only Eagle signed until 2027 (and one of only nine league-level players), but Brown is signed until 2026 and Mailata, Goodert and Jordan Davis are signed until 2025. Another nineteen are signed until 2024. Among the The important Eagles whose contracts are due to expire after the 2022 season are Epps, Edwards, Sanders, Zach Pascal, Boston Scott, Gardner Johnson, Andre Dillard, Keizer White, Isaac Sumalo, Bradbury and Hargrave.

current cover area

According to OverTheCap, the Eagles currently have $1,222,942 available under the adjusted 2022 cap number of $226,890,095. This is the lowest available space of the 32 teams in the NFL. The 10 biggest hits of 2022 from the Eagles according to Spotrack belong to Hargrave ($17.80 million), Johnson ($15.76 million), Slay ($10.13 million), Graham ($9.41 million), Kelsey ($8.05 million), Seumalo ($7.67). $1 million), Brown ($5.63 million), Barnett ($5.44 million), Jake Elliott ($5.09 million) and Smith ($4.58 million).