Aaron Judge hits Homer 53

Street. Petersburg – Aaron Judge He bravely embraced the challenge of tying the Yankees through the ’99’ on his back, in an effort to bring the club out of a state of collapse in the second half. His overall challenge, one that the player voiced this week, is that he wants his teammates to “bring it on every day”.

The judge set the tone on Sunday, hitting the second pitch of the game to finish 53rd in his home run, then making a solid home run. proved to be enough, like Frankie Montas Throwing five one-hit runs before Clay Holmes stamped Yankees win 2-1 With a sinking of 101.7 mph, it’s the hardest pitch he’s ever thrown in a league game.

“I think sometimes we get a little caught up in chasing the results,” the judge said. “You have to get caught up in the process of preparing the right way and sticking to a good approach, and I’ve seen that up and down.”

In their 80th win, the Bombers survived some drama in the ninth inning, as Holmes surrendered three hits before hanging the go-ahead and winning the run on base, ringing Yandy Diaz with a third hit called the third hit that Reyes unanimously believed to be low.

Not surprisingly, the Yankees looked at it differently: a much-needed break to end a difficult road trip.

“I thought it was a great idea,” Holmes said. “I haven’t really come back and looked at it yet, but I thought it was a good drowning. Not sure where it is, but I’m glad we got the call.”

The Yanks concluded 4-6 swings across Oakland, Anaheim and Tampa Bay, and regained Five-game advantage in the Eastern American League With 28 games remaining. Manager Aaron Boone watched most of the match on TV after being sent off for controversy over a catcher’s interference call in the fifth inning.

“It’s way more nerve-wracking here [in the office]Boone said. “My pacemaker was rushing in.”

Shawn Armstrong who was the first-round player to judge off Rays, traveled 450 feet statcast to the upper deck in left field, an 115.3-mph rocket that marks Homer’s second at as many bats as possible after deepening into the ninth inning on Saturday.

As Roger Maris continues to chase Roger Maris’ one-season MLS record of 61, Judge’s 53 bombings are a new career high. He reached 52 in 2017, when he was the unanimous MLS Rookie of the Year and finished second in the AL MVP race. The judge is on his way to score 64 points at home.

Most HR in a Season, MLB History – With 134 Collegiate Games Total:
2001 Barry Bonds: 73 – 56
1998 Mark McGuire: 70 – 54
1998 Sami Sosa: 66 – 52
1999 Mark McGuire: 65-52
2022 Aaron Judge: 64 (current pace) – 53
2001 Sammy Sosa: 64-52
1999 Sammy Sosa: 63-57
1961 Roger Maris: 61 – 51
1927 Babe Ruth: 60 – 47

“My job at the top of the squad is just to try and get a base for the guys behind me,” Judge said. “That’s all I try to do there in the first half, especially with a guy like Armstrong, who has a good set of cutting tools. I tried to play something and was lucky to get something above the board.”

Both seats were briefly cleared in the second half when Josh Donaldson Hitting a fast ball with Armstrong, the referees warned both clubs. He had little influence on Montas, who relied on his fastball, split and slider to score his first win as a Yankee.

“My vocal count was a bit high [at 93]“They spoiled a lot of pitches, but I am happy and blessed that I was able to go out there and do something today,” said Montas.

On the fifth, the Yanks lost a challenge in a DJ Limaheu A popup that coaches thought touched the screen behind the home plate, leaving Boone unable to question the catcher’s interference call on Taylor Walls in the half house. Ultimately, home plate referee Vic Carabaza thumbed Boone, his seventh expulsion of the year.

“There was some frustration,” Boone said.

The judge’s hustle scored a second run, doubling down on Ryan Yarbro to open the seventh inning, then thrust into third base on the LeMahieu defender to the left side of the field before Oswaldo Cabrera JT Chargois greeted with a sacrifice fly.

This round proved crucial when Holmes wobbled in the ninth minute, as the All-Star sought a first tackle since July 22. David Peralta doubled and scored in the Francisco Mejia song. After Jonathan Aranda’s two-legged double, Holmes delved into some extra “oomph” on the full-count court with the game on the line.

“I would have let it splinter,” Holmes said. “If he was going to hit me, he would hit me with the best shot. It came out really well.”