Aaron Judge vs Shohei Ohtani: How do you decide the AL MVP award?

by Pedro Mora
FOX Sports MLB Writer

The YankeesAaron Judge It produces one of the best singles seasons in baseball history. He’s chasing Roger Maris’ franchise record of 61 and playing a solid position. Lately, it is Almost alone he maintains the most popular team in the sport At the top of the Eastern American League amid the massive collapse of his teammates.

The AngelsShuhei Ohtani It produces either the most dominant season or the second most two-way season in baseball history — if it’s second, it’s just for itself. He hits more than 50% better than the average hitter in the major league, and he delivers more than 50% better than the average pitcher in the league. He also does both in notable amounts: He’s fast paced to lead the Angels in turns, and he easily leads the club in sheet games. In fact, he leads the angels In each notable statistic category.

Despite their efforts, neither man will win the 2022 MLS Player of the Year award. This unfairness has already led to a lot of discussion, and will surely continue for weeks, if not years, to come. One November afternoon, when the voting results are finally announced, fans of one team are sure to be furious.

‘Shohei Otani’ and ‘Aaron Judge’ spark an epic battle for AL MVP

'Shohei Otani' and 'Aaron Judge' spark an epic battle for AL MVP

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry discuss the competition for the AL MVP award between Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge as Ohtani became the first player in MLB history to score 10 wins and 30 times in a single season.

There is no clear antidote to this outrage in time for this awards season, but it is worth asking if there is a long-term solution that will allow Okhtani to be properly honored for his unique success while accommodating the other players’ breakout years.

One possible path could be to create some kind of hitter of the year honor. Call it a Platinum Slugger, or call it whatever you want, but have him replace the nine hitters who win Silver Sluggers in the league, just as the Platinum Glove does for every nine Golden Gloves in the league annually. Major League Baseball can allow members of the American Baseball Writers Association to determine a winner, as is the case with Cy Young. Or it can be determined by fan vote, as for Platinum Glove. This may raise additional interest.

This year, the judge will be the obvious choice for Hitter of the Year, and Ohtani will stand a better chance of winning the MVP award for the second time in a row. last year , blue jaysVladimir Guerrero Jr. He would have been a perfect fit for Hitter of the Year. He would have recognized his major achievement while leaving space for Otani to win the MVP award. It was around this time last year that a league executive volunteered, nothing, that he was appalled by Guerrero.

No one knows how long Otani can sustain this unprecedented success. But it is in the interest of the sport to get to know it as long as it lasts without losing sight of other notable seasons. What he does is unique and will remain unique for at least the rest of his head, if not forever. This uniqueness attracts attention from all over the world. It may also be useful, over time, to block out players who only do half of what he does.

Creating a new award would be one way to ensure that the sport is marketed to these players while recognizing Otani.

Shohei Ohtani hasn’t handed over his AL MVP to Aaron Judge yet

Shohei Ohtani hasn't handed over his AL MVP to Aaron Judge yet

Ben Verlander looks at Shohei Ohtani’s recent tear in the painting, including Monday Night. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge keeps pace with his own historical pace on his home ground.

This year, another potential solution to this predicament emerges. Two of the top candidates for Cy Young in AL, Tampa Bay‘s Shane McClanahan And the Houston‘s Justin Verlander, has recently succumbed to injury. Both could be back before the end of the season, but Otani has an initial chance to get past them. He may be his remaining main competitor stop dylan subordinate white socks. Perhaps Ohtani can win his first match at Cy Young while Judge wins his first player of the year.

He’s done enough – and good enough – and that’s a realistic possibility. Ohtani won’t come close to his home base total stolen a year ago, but he beats his ERA and wins the total. It also throws more aggressively. Yes, he has been involved in a six-man rotation schedule throughout the season, which has hampered the backlog of roles, but the rest of the sport is increasingly operating with similar arrangements. Most elite beginners don’t get 30 starts a year either.

As of now, Judge seems more likely to win the MVP award than Ohtani. It’s hard to doubt that. He carried his club. The only question is: Could there be some way to steer the degrees of excellence in both directions?

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