Alejo Lopez qualified ninth as the Reds beat the Cubs 4-3

The Cincinnati Reds had no game lead up to the top of 9, but Alejo Lopez and Jonathan India came up with the clutches when they needed them most and put Cincinnati ahead 4-3. Ian Gibot took charge from there at the bottom of the game, completing his debut career only after the Reds topped the Chicago Cubs 4-3 on Thursday afternoon to emerge victorious that day and in a 3-game series.

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Cincinnati Reds (55-80) 4 9 0
Chicago Cubs (57-80) 3 7 1
W: Diaz (6-2) L: Junior Ladder (2-7) SV: Built-in (1)
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Cincinnati didn’t threaten much in the first three rounds of the game, but in the fourth round singles Jonathan India and Jake Fraley put the sprinters in the corners by one, but Spencer Steer got into a double play to finish the run. The Reds didn’t get another hit until their seventh season summit when Kyle Farmer scored his 10th home career of the year to cut the Cubs’ lead to 2-1. That resulted in a change of pitch and Brandon Hughes waived one walk and one walk out to put a tie in the scoring position. Nick Senzel swayed looking at a pitch that appeared to be several inches above the strike zone, then Jose Barreiro swung to end the threat.

Cincinnati got things done in the eighth inning with one outing from TJ Friedl. Move to Third Base with a single directed by Kyle Farmer. The Cubs went to the Bulls arena to get Roan Wake and the Reds went to the bench for Stuart Fairchild’s pinch for Kyle Farmer. Wick proceeded to walk Jake Fraley to load the bases and then Spencer Steer to fetch the binding track. Aristides Aquino fought, but eventually stopped to finish the inning.

With Chicago grabbing a 3-2 lead at the bottom of the 8, the Reds had to try to reach the top of the ninth. Nick will come down with a walk. José Barreiro tried to sacrifice, but she was in the air and was captured during her dive by first baseman Alfonso Rivas. Alejo Lopez picked Barrero as he tripled the right mid-gap to equalize the match. Jonathan India was driving in the green light run with a duet single to give Cincinnati its first lead of the day. That would be all they would get, but it put the game down in ninth place.


Luis Sesa was harmless through four rounds, but then his defense started losing in amazing fashion. Nico Horner hit the ball hard to put it in the middle of the field in the first half of the fifth inning and TJ Friedl bounced the ball off his glove on the run and it fell as a triple. Friedel, though, misread the ball off the bat, getting in at the start before racing to the warning lane before the ball slips out of the skin. The sacrifice fly followed to lead the Cubs 1-0. The next inning lost a 2-out fly ball in the sun by Friedl that fell as a double for Seiya Suzuki. This would be the last pitch for Luis Sessa, who was replaced by Buck Farmer. He gave up on Franmel Reyes’ RBI single as the Cubs extended their lead to 2-0 before Farmer hit Ian Hap to finish the inning.

Friedel’s on-field struggle continued into the seventh when he lost another ball in the sun that fell between him and Jonathan India and fell into the scoresheet as a double. PJ Higgins then put in a sacrificing blow to move Nico Horner to third base. This will be followed by a walk before David Bell goes to the mall to pick up Alexis Diaz. He was going to hit hitter Rafael Ortega before another hitter came off the bench in the form of Nick Madrigal and Diaz hit him as well, ending the Cubs threat in the seventh.

Diaz got back to the bottom of the eighth inning and took a penalty to get things started, but Seiya Suzuki followed him up with a solo light stroke by Homer to put the Cubs on top 3-2. After taking Cincinnati for a ninth-place lead, Ian Gibot entered the lower part of the frame. Nico Horner sprinted to Jose Barreiro, who made a good grab as he fell backwards on a shallow left field to start the inning.

PJ Higgins singles and was running for a pinch. Then Djibouti hit Alfonso Rivas for the second time of the inning. Rafael Ortega nearly hit from the first pitch of a hit but the next three pitches were hits as Gibout hit him for his first save of his career, giving the Reds the win of the day and a string of victory.

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