Alex Bregman and Shohei Ohtani among this month’s Ben Verlander MLB Team

by Ben Verlander
FOX Sports MLB Analyst

Alex Bergman Over the past few years, he’s proven the type of Major League Baseball player he is: the MLB All-Star. This year, however, was not up to his standards.

In August, that all changed. Things are finally starting to click on Bergman.

In the month, all basemen led third in runs, OBP and walks. He was the only player in baseball to score more than 25 points (27) and hit more than 0.350 (.362).

August may be the dog days of summer, but Bergman was the best of the best and leads the team of the month.

Now let’s take a look at the other players who were the best in their positions in August.

Shohei Otani, Aaron Judge and Alex Bergman lead Team of the Month

Shohei Otani, Aaron Judge and Alex Bergman lead Team of the Month

With the help of Alex Curry, Ben Verlander gives us Team of the Month for August.

A: Sean MurphyAnd the Auckland Athletics

Sean Murphy was the only MLB catcher to have 30 or more hits and 10 or more base hits in August. In the month, he hit .330 with five home runs and 17 RBI.

1b: Paul GoldschmidtAnd the St. Louis Cardinals

This isn’t Goldschmidt’s first appearance on my squad for the month. He’s spending a year in his career on the way to winning his first Player of the Year award. He scored nine home runs (the most in baseball) and 27 RBI with a 1.115 OPS.

2B: Jeff McNeillAnd the New York Mets

Jeff McNeill hit .385 in August with 13 doubles and 11 RBI. He gets 42 hits a month and is one of only two NL players with 40 or more hits, combined Mane Machado subordinate San Diego Padres. McNeil tied for the most hits in baseball.

3b: Alex Bergman, Houston Astros

SS: Francis LindorNew York Mets

Lindor was one of only two short stops in August that had 30 hits or more and was the only short stop pairing this production with 10 or more tracks. Lindor’s success this year is colossal for the Mets and a welcome sight after his struggles last season, his first year in New York.

From: Mocky PetsAnd the Los Angeles Dodgers

Betts shredded it in August averaging 0.330 with nine home runs, 18 RBI and 1.081 OPS. He was the only major player to have 20 hits or more from extra bases (21) and at least five stolen bases. He was also the only player to score 30 points in the month.

From: Aaron JudgeAnd the New York Yankees

Aaron Judge hit nine home runs in August, nearly a third of the entire team’s total in the month (28). The Yankees may be struggling, but Judge is still on track to break the Yankees’ single-season record, set by Roger Maris. To go along with those nine home runs, the judge hit 0.289 with a 22 RBI.

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From: Randy ArosarinaAnd the Tampa Bay Rays

As we get closer to game time, Randy Arrozarina is getting really hot. In August, he hit 0.327 with six home runs, 23 RBI and OPS north of 1.000. He led all MLB players in RBI and was second in total bases (59).

DH: Shuhei OhtaniAnd the Los Angeles Angels

Shuhei burns in the dish. He hit 0.317 in August with eight home runs, 20 RBI and an OPS of 1.040. He did all this during his show every fifth or sixth day. Ohtani allowed 25 hits and 10 XBH throughout the month of August while also scoring 32 hits and 15 XBH for himself.

SP: Zach GalenAnd the Arizona Diamondbacks

Gallen’s ERA of 0.68 is the lowest among all August shooters with no less than 15 rounds. Gallen has done historically well and is currently in the 41.1 range without a goal, the eighth longest streak of all time – far from holding a Diamondbacks record ever.

CP: Edwin DiazNew York Mets

Edwin Diaz has been fantastic all season and continued to dominate in August. He is the only closest who has scored more than five (6) saves in a month and has given up once or less. Pair his hill dominance with the best entry song in the whole of baseball, and what you end up with is the most exciting in the game.

Ben Verlander is an MLB Analyst at FOX Sports and host of “philippines batsPodcast. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Verlander was an all-American at Old Dominion University before joining his brother, Justin, in Detroit in the 14th round of the Tigers’ pick in 2013. He spent five years in an organized Tigers. Follow him on Twitter @Ben Verlander.

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