All the twins know is pain in the Bronx

It was spring 2005. I was finishing my last year of high school. I sat in front of the TV, watching the ESPN MLB season opener. To no one’s surprise, the New York Yankees were hosting the Boston Red Sox, and the pre-game coverage was getting hotter.

The Red Sox had just broken The Curse of the Bambino, and the Yankees weren’t happy about that. they traded Randy Johnson They were determined to return to the world championships. just us John Kroc With Tim Korkjian about to get into a compelling debate over which team will win the World Championship, ESPN played a hype piece to get ready for the game.

Rapper Fat Joe walked onto our screens and shouted these words that still haunt me to this day.

“YO JOEY, CRACK YA DONE UHHHH!” “Lean Back,” shouted the man who brought us back. “Yankee John ends their five-year championship with a drought!!!”

Back in the land of 10,000 Lakes, the entire conversation was great. The Minnesota Twins haven’t won a world championship since 1991. Five years ago, New York had two world championship teams. How can these clowns bear more pain than we suffer? I didn’t know it was just the beginning.

Fast forward 17 years. The twins haven’t won a playoff since then Shannon Stewart to steal Hideki Matsui In Game 1 of 2003 ALDS. Their 18-game losing streak is the longest in Major League Baseball history.

Not only that, it’s the longest running in North American sports history. This is correct. MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL. No team has been more barren than the Twins with a championship on the line. Who else will be in the middle of this line? You guessed it – Yankees.

The Yankees were responsible for 13 of the 18 losses in that streak. When the twins have a glimmer of hope, the Yankees stand in their way, and this year is no different.

The twins headed to New York and were optimistic. Although they dropped two of their three games to the Chicago White Sox, they went on to tie for first place with the waning Cleveland Guardians. Minnesota still has 14 games combined against the White Sox and Guardians, which means they are in control of their own destiny.

Enter a trip to Yankee Stadium. Since 2002, the twins have held a record of 13-50 in the Bronx. These games include the “Greatest Songs” list as Minnesota has collapsed at every turn.

In Game 2 of ALDS 2004, the Twins led 6-5 in the 12th inning at home Tori Hunter. Joe Nathan He had already thrown two rounds of rest, but Ron Gardenshire You roll the dice to try to close the game. The move backfired as the Yankees rallied twice in the ninth round to advance 2-0 in the series.

The twins hit a dead end at 3-3 in Game 2 of the 2009 ALDS when Joe Mawr He tore double down the right field line to lead the eleventh inning. Phil Causey didn’t see it that way, declaring that a foul ball landed 4 to 5 feet in fair territory.

Maur settled on one song, and eventually the twins uploaded the bases. But they could not take advantage of, and Mark Teixeira He hit in a home run at the bottom of 11 to put the Twins on another 2-0 hole.

2017’s AL Wild Card game presented the twins with the best chance to finish the streak. Brian Dozer And the Eddie Rosario Humid off Louis Severino. The twins jumped to a 3-0 lead. The Yankees laughed and connected the match with Didi Gregory Three Homer runs. New York dominated from that point on and lost the Twins 8-4.

In Game 2 of 2019 ALDS, send the twins for Randy Dobb to the heap. Dobnak had only started five times in his career and had spent the previous season as an Uber driver. The Bleachers got this information and tortured Dobnak while the Yankees were winning 8-2.

These games don’t even mention the problem of twins with New York in the regular season. Earlier this year, the twins hit the Yankees at the start Nestor Cortes And the Gerrit Cole Looks like Dobnak in the Bronx. Despite their success, the twins only managed one win in a series where they were meant to gain.

This was a much different team than the twins now. Byron Buxton He finally died of his injuries and fell on the list of injured. Jorge Polanco Also deals with an annoying knee. Ryan Jeffers He has a broken thumb, and Royce Lewis He tore the ACL for the second time in 15 months.

This is just a lineup. Tyler Mahleya takeover on Trade Deadline, is on the list of injured for the third time in the past two months due to shoulder problems. Sony Gray Deals with a hamstring injury. you were maid You won’t be doing a show this season, and Josh Winder And the Billy Uber They try to prepare for the extended run.

The Twins don’t seem to be a team ready to exorcise their demons, let alone a team that could split a series in the Bronx.

The saving grace of the twins is that they are catching the Yankees at a good time. Once in pace to set an MLB record for victory in a single season, the Yankees collapsed. They firmly retain their leadership in the highly competitive AL East region. Perhaps twins can benefit from this. However, they will most likely end up being another line on the back page of the New York Post.

This all has Twins fans quoting another famous New York rapper that all they know is pain. Minnesota needs to find a way to at least win the split with the Yankees if they want to compete in the middle. Otherwise, they’d be just another team blown up in the Bronx.