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Superb half from the Matildas. They dominated the Olympic gold medallists from start to finish. They would not be flattered by a much healthier scoreline.

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The Matildas have started brightly, and they’ve been rewarded with a goal. It was classic transition football with a poor clearance from Sheridan quickly knocked forward to Kerr. A couple of passes later and Kerr is on the right edge of the box, drilling a perfect cross for Mary Fowler to stroke home unerringly from the penalty spot. Just the start Australia wanted.

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We’re underway in Sydney…

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Three changes for Canada with Scott, Rose, and Levasseur replacing Grosso, Beckie, and Yekka.


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As expected, there are a few changes to the Matildas line-up.


In come Luik, Vine, Foord, and Yallop.


Out go Nevin, Kennedy, Cooney-Cross, and Gielnik.


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Hello everybody and welcome to live coverage of the second friendly between Australia and Canada. Kick-off at Allianz Stadium in Sydney is 7.40pm / 5.40am EDT.


What are we in for tonight? Will it be the long awaited jump-start on the Matildas’ flagging World Cup campaign? Another evening full of unanswered questions? Or perhaps even a performance that calls for drastic action…


At the end of 2017 Australia were ranked fourth in the world, they are now down to 12th, a status not helped by a run of three matches without a victory, one of those a 7-0 hammering by Spain. Head coach Tony Gustavsson limps into his 26th match with just eight wins under his belt.


The Swede was met with such excitement on his appointment that he received an notably long honeymoon period. The goodwill extended to him, and one of Australia’s most popular teams, may yet come at a cost.


The 2023 World Cup on home soil has been the target for many years, and back in 2017, two years before the bid was submitted, it was seen as perhaps the final piece in the jigsaw to crown the Matildas the best in the world. As Gustavsson noted on the weekend, changing course now may already be too late.


“We actually broke all the Fifa windows down and we have five Fifa windows, that means we have 46 days,” he said. “Out of those 46 days, 14 days go to travel and recovery. That leaves us with 32 days. Out of those 32 days before the World Cup roster is announced, it’s going to be 11 games and 11 pre-game sessions.


“That leaves us with 10 proper training sessions; 10 sessions where we can play 11 v 11 and work on all the details. That’s how soon we’re going to announce a roster [before] coming here and preparing for the World Cup. So it’s around the corner. Every minute counts.”

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Unable to fall back on results, Gustavsson remains focussed on the process. “There’s a belief in the process and I don’t think that belief is going to be lost, even if we lose the game. We’d be more worried if the game didn’t look good or if the performance is not there,” he said.


Have the games looked good? Have the performances been there?


It raises the stakes for the second match in a double-header against Olympic gold medallists Canada. The first went the way of the visitors in Brisbane, Australia must demonstrate progress in Sydney.


As always there’s plenty to chew over before kick-off. If you want to be a part of it you get in touch via email or tweet me @JPHowcroft if that’s easier.


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main events

First half: Australia 1-0 Canada

wonderful half of Matilda. They dominated Olympic gold medalists from start to finish. They won’t be flattered by healthier results.

44 minutes: Canada with a rare incursion down the right but Polkenhorn stands firmly in the box. Gorry then releases Kerr early but again the bright rose was the perfect treat. Jade Rose is a very good football player.

42 minutes: Foord pulls a long shot off the near post after breaking in from the left. This was the first slow build-up of Matilda Who showed control of the rhythm, opening the Canadian midfield.

Shortly thereafter, Vine disturbed her streaks again, failing to hit the target with a cross from the byline with plenty of time to do better.

41 minutes: working rate of Matilda It was exceptional. Canada did not give enough time to breathe.

40 minutes: Australia wins the ball back at will, and each time they do they threaten to catch Canada shorthand in the transition.

38 minutes: Another forward thrust, this time from Gorry, comes to no avail. Foord does great counterpressing to get the ball back, then it goes into the penalty area – a penalty for sure!? Not given! The Australian press remains, and with Canada in disarray, Vine is played with Sheridan only to get over her – she makes a relentless horlicks, stabbing a weak effort with the outside of her right shoe rather than controlling the situation. The Matilda It must be more than one.

35 minutes: Foord again moved towards goal but this time called Vine to cross and the dangerous ball through the six-yard box was touched by Sheridan’s dive. Australia is on top in Sydney but struggles to turn its dominance into opportunities.

33 minutes: Williams brilliantly punches the corner visibly. He ignites the counter which should result in an opportunity but Vine disturbs her streak in the transition. Australia recycles the ball well and strikes another right, Foord carves in the middle and forms shapes to shoot, but it takes one more touch than it should and Canada is clear. The Matilda They position themselves well even though they recover the ball easily.

32 minutes: Of course, that means a rare cross awkwardly veered over the bar by the lopsided Polkinghorne.

31 minutes: Canada has barely sniffed. Australia was excellent off the ball.

29 minutes: Beautiful long, deep diagonal key from right to left from EVE to Foord. Rose does a great job in defense, matching a run all the way and even denying a corner kick.

27 minutes: Grant enjoys two beautiful minutes, first offering to play a neat ball near the corner to Gorry, then standing strong defensively to recover the ball twice for her team, and the second allowing Kerr to pass a shot from the range that forces Sheridan to enter. Low – albeit convenient – save.

25 minutes: Rinse and repeat. Van Egmond sees Vine’s path in transition after making a good link from Kerr, but EVE fails to execute. Earlier, Yallop demonstrates the urgency of a Matilda Defensively tonight, he’s recovering after being cleared off the ball. However, she then comes down for treatment and looks a bit out of a brace as she walks to the seam.

24 minutes: Van Egmond is again guilty of ceding possession. It’s a good line for the players in her position, who are clearly entitled to take risks and play hard passes. They’re the builders of chance when they come along, but they can make an ugly stat sheet at the end of the 90 minutes.

22 minutes: Polkinghorne does well in the rankings after poor touch invites Canada to counterattack. There is a hiccup for Australia without the ball tonight which makes it very difficult to play against them. More lull on the ball would be nice.

21 minutes: Foord wins the first corner of the night with its lower left pace. Gorey’s delivery creates a mess in the box and you sniff a goal with a ball bouncing across the six-yard line.

19 minutes: Australia tries to play from behind but is fortunate to escape the Canadian pressure with Gorey nearly holding possession.

17 minutes: He encounters Luke and gets a foot in time to fend off a raid down the right. This is the kind of challenge that gets a lot of appreciation from the public. Loeck is 37 years old, and about half her age, Jade Rose executes similar intercept moments later, this one at full mile in pursuit of Kerr.

15 minutes: Canada is ahead of the competition and finds some great half spaces in front of the four Australian defenders. The Matilda They continue to be the architects of their uneasiness by giving away the ball cheaply from defense.

13 minutes: a few times already Matilda He had momentum coming from behind to hit the quicksand in the midfield. In the most recent example after the stalls, left Van Egmond failed with a Hollywood Crossfield pass.

11 minutes: Both sides look aggressively in the direction of the assistant referees after first Australia, then Canada, and think they have grown into the trap of offside only to see the flags raised. Kerr was touchy, and Huitema was more palpable stray.

10 minutes: Canada finally made a few passes together and Prince reached the byline to loop over a cross easily claimed by Williams. The visiting press obviously worries Australia when the Central Defense Partnership takes the ball in deep lanes.

8 minutes: Vine is in the spotlight again, twice engaging herself in a move that includes overlapping Grant on the right. This is a sparkling start from hosts who are heeding the pleas of their managers to press even more to great effect.

5 minutes: Busy early on from the right, Vine prepared a decent attack moments before the goal with her energy preparing Van Egmond to advance through the lines. Australia was far from possessive, and did not allow Canada to settle and intervene in the middle of the block.

Goal! Australia 1-0 Canada (Fowler, 3)

The Matilda They started brightly, and fulfilled a goal. It was a classic football transition with a bad removal from Sheridan that quickly progressed to Kerr. Two passes later and Kerr on the right edge of the penalty area, digging a perfect cross pass for Mary Fowler to shoot the ball into the net without error from the penalty spot. Just the start Australia wanted.

Fowler’s wheels happily drive away. Photo: Mark Kolb/Getty Images

2 minutes: Australia has been trying to piece together a series of swipes since the start of the match, but some loose control ends the move. From the second stage, a ball flows through an Amal ball all the way to Sheridan.


We’re on our way to Sydney…

An equally polished performance of “Advance Australia Fair”. If football is as good as singing tonight, we are ready to have fun.

“O Canada” has just been sung in a cappella way. It was so good the Canadian players were jumping and cheering as the match ended. That was rad.

The two teams exit to a dramatically lit stadium at the Allianz Stadium. There’s the smog of fireworks and spotlights and the feel of a pop concert.

Christine Sinclair takes soles position of 2nd place on the All-Time International Appearances list 🍁

With her start against @TheMatildas, Sinc moves past Carli Lloyd and within 37 caps of becoming the most capped player in the history of international soccer!#WeCAN

— Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) September 6, 2022


Kristen Sinclair ranks second on the All-Time International Appearances list 🍁

With its start against Tweet embedSink has surpassed Carli Lloyd and in 37 caps to become the most capped player in the history of international football!#We can

– Canada Soccer (CanadaSoccerEN) September 6, 2022

Mike Heitner

Mike Heitner

The new Allianz Stadium is sparkling tonight, all shiny and new and filled with the fancy lights and noise of the PA system, which alternates between loud pop and fan interaction.

With 20 minutes left before kick-off, fans are still making their way (and risking missing the fireworks display), perhaps stopping in for a quick springburger roll or two from one of the many lobby outlets (disclaimer: I haven’t seen a cheese spring roll and I don’t know what it is) I cannot vouch for its taste and/or health benefits).

Speech The crowd is expected to be around 25,000 signs once we start.

It’s cold and dry in Sydney this evening, perfect conditions to enjoy your first football match at the renovated Allianz Stadium.

Evolving into an excellent critic, Grace Gill has questioned the advantage of calling 37-year-old Ivy Loeck into the defensive position to cover wound Alana Kennedy. Also, her comments on Katrina Guri’s editorial hit home.

1v1 with Bev 🎙 @CANWNT

“Australia, there's another level to them. I think they'll bring that. But for us to come here without the backline that we're depleted with, and get 2 results, it would speak to the character of the group.”#WeCAN

— Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) September 5, 2022


1v1 with Bev 🎙 Tweet embed

“Australia, it’s another level for them. I think they’re going to get it. But for us to come here without the backline that we’re exhausted with, and get two results, that will speak to the character of the group.”#We can

– Canada Soccer (CanadaSoccerEN) 5 September 2022

Defensive Tony Gustafson was in conversation with the host announcer gently examining pre-match questions. “Sometimes it can be overly focused on short-term results,” he said. But the reporter impressively noted that the results had not been positive for a while. He replied, “It’s up to you to answer.”

“Outside the circle they want to see results,” he said. “These feelings can sometimes cloud your judgment.”

As for the physical improvements, Gustavsson prioritized higher compression and better passing.

Canada eleventh

Three changes to Canada with Scott, Rose and Levasseur replacing Grosso and Becky Wicca.

Your @CANWNT Starting XI 🍁

Sinclair captains Canada as they close out their two match series with the @TheMatildas #WeCAN

— Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) September 6, 2022


Australia eleventh

As expected, there are some changes in the file Matilda Lined up.

Liege, Fine, Four, and Yallop come.

Go to Nevin, Kennedy, Connie Cross, and Jelnick.


Here's how we line up tonight against Canada! 👊

⏰: 7:40 pm AEST

📺💻📱: @10footballau #WeAreMatildas #AUSvCAN

— CommBank Matildas (@TheMatildas) September 6, 2022



Jonathan Howcroft

Jonathan Howcroft

Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the second friendly match between Australia and Canada. Kick off at Allianz Stadium in Sydney at 7.40pm / 5.40am EST.

What are we on tonight? Will this be the long-awaited start to Matildas’ faltering World Cup campaign? Another evening full of unanswered questions? Or maybe even a performance that calls for drastic action…

At the end of 2017, Australia was ranked fourth in the world and has now fallen to 12th, a case not helped by a three-game winning streak, one of which Spain won 7-0. Coach Tony Gustafson is playing his 26th match with just eight wins.

The Swede was met with such excitement upon his appointment that he had a remarkably long honeymoon. The good intentions extended to him, and perhaps one of the most popular bands in Australia is expensive.

The 2023 World Cup on home soil has been the goal for many years, and in 2017, two years before the bidding was due, it was seen as perhaps the final piece in the jigsaw to crown Matilda the best in the world. As Gustafson pointed out over the weekend, changing course now may already be too late.

“We have already broken all the FIFA windows and we have five FIFA windows, which means we have 46 days,” he said. “Of those 46 days, 14 go for travel and recovery. That leaves us with 32 days. Of the 32 days before the World Cup roster is announced, 11 will be games and 11 pre-match sessions.

“This leaves us with 10 proper training sessions; 10 sessions where we can play 11 against 11 and work out all the details. That is when we will soon announce a roster [before] Come here and prepare for the World Cup. So it is just around the corner. Every minute counts.”

Unable to undo the results, Gustafson remains focused on the process. “There is faith in the process and I don’t think that faith will be lost, even if we lose the match. We will be more worried if the match is not good or if the performance is not there.”

Did the games look good? Were the shows there?

The stakes are up for a second double-header game against Olympic gold medalist Canada. Visitors’ first route went in Brisbane, Australia should show progress in Sydney.

As always, there is plenty to chew on before kick-off. If you want to be a part of it, you can reach out via email or tweet me Tweet embed If that is easier.

Easy does it 👌#WeCAN

— CAN Soccer’s WNT (@CANWNT) September 5, 2022