Behind Justin Fields and Matt Eberfloss, 2022 Chicago Bears will be better than you think

Let’s start with a certain former attack coordinator who calls this crime bears The worst he’s ever seen Since 0-16 Lions in 2008. Of course, I’m talking about Mike Martz, who during his tenure with Chicago decided, infamously, to FUTURE HALL OF FAMER Greg Olsen It wasn’t good enough for himso you’ll forgive me if I don’t give right [naughty word] his opinion. The only thing I would be less Interested are parking suggestions from Kady Maknoon. I know this is a dated and ambiguous reference. But real people understand that, and that’s what I’m talking about right now.

Closer to home, the Bears landed at #32 on Dan Hanzos. Strength Rankings in the first weekand Adam Shen tied to it as the team that will be selected first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. With all due respect to my teammates at, but I want to remind them that we live in a world where the Hawks, the Jets, and the Sea Hawks exist. also football teams. While one could argue that Atlanta, New York, and Seattle have more talent in certain locations than Chicago, when you look at the quarterback, I would have accepted Justin Fields On any of the options in those teams.

Which leads me to the commonly expressed criticism that the Bears didn’t do enough to help support Fields in their second pro season pick number 11 for 2021. I get it. they allowed Allen Robinson Walk. They did not sign any free agents. They used their first two draft picks on defensive players. However, I really feel that new General Manager Ryan Poles has done a great job of making smart additions to this list that indicate he is trying to install a competent organizational structure (hmm finally Do you have an assistant general manager?Ian Cunningham) and the approach.

Sure, the Bears could have tried to throw $90 million into a receiver like Christian Kirk. But this will likely hinder their ability to spend on free agents in the future – it is not a wise way to do business. Instead, they’ll maximize what they have: a list that includes an undervalued undo David Montgomery (One of six players to outlast 800 yards in each of the past three seasons) and a tight end Cool qumt, which is scheduled to erupt this year. (May not become quant next George Keitelbut he doesn’t need to.) Vets love Byron Pringle And the Equimus Saint Brown (And the, In the endAnd the nickel harry) may not move the needle much in terms of star power, but between those additions, the rookie Philos Jones Jr. (At the earliest He is in good health) and the ascendant Darnell MoneyThe Bears reception room, from top to bottom, is better than the Falcons room – and yes, better than the Packers (you know that’s right).

Then we come to new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, a product of the Mike Shanahan training tree, via Matt LaFleur, Getsy’s coach with the Packers for the past three seasons. Getsy installed a system that sticks to your butts Designed for Actually focus on Justin Fields’ strengths. I can’t imagine we’ll see a lot of four verts on the 5-yard line. No hooks 5 yards on the third and longest. and get this: Unlike last yearThey even let Justin do it practice with 1s This is offseason. Fields are putting up encouraging numbers in pre-season action. But don’t just take my word for it: Fellow Bucky Brooks also high QB.