Best NHL Players: Top 10 Goals

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10. Marc-Andre FleuryMinnesota Wild

Fleury was 28-23-5 with 2.90 goals-to-average and .908 savings in 56 games last season, including a 9-2-0 with 2.74 GAA and .910 savings in 11 starts after being traded to Wild From the Chicago Blackhawks on March 21. The 37-year-old was 2-3 with 3.04 GAA and .906 savings percentage in five Stanley Cup games. Fleury ranked third in NHL history in wins (520), behind Martin Browdor (691) and Patrick Roy (551), and tied with Tony Esposito for 12th in the closing in (71). Florey is a three-time Stanley Cup winner (2009, 2016, 2017), the Vezina Cup winner being voted NHL Goalkeeper of the Year in 2020-21.

“Every year, he’s always been one of the most exciting goalkeepers to watch,” said NHL network analyst and former goalkeeper Devan Dubnyk, who played 12 seasons in the NHL. “…When you have your teammates, everyone you’ve played with loves you the same way. I haven’t heard a single bad word about this guy, there’s a reason why he’s successful and why he’s loved all around….He absolutely loves playing the game and it just makes you pass. hard times.”

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9. Jake OettingerDallas Stars

Oettinger was 30-15-1 with a 2.53 GAA, 0.914 savings percentage and two closings in 48 games (46 starts) last season. Despite losing the All-Stars to the Calgary Flames in seven games in the first round of the Western Conference, Oettinger held one of the highest scoring offenses in the NHL for 13 goals and had 1.81 GAA, 954 savings and one closing. The 23-year-old made 64 saves in a 3-2 overtime loss in Game 7. Oettinger was 41-23-8 with a 2.46 GAA, .913 savings and two closings in 77 regular season games (70 starts).

“When things weren’t going well[in Dallas]he had the opportunity, and he took his call,” Dubnik said. “…He has all the tools. I don’t think anything is going to happen, but he keeps going up from here. There is no reason to think otherwise. He has everything you need… It was no accident (in the playoffs).”

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8. Frederic AndersenCarolina Hurricanes

Andersen set stellar numbers in his first season with the Hurricanes, going 35-14-3 with a 2.17 GAA, 0.922 savings and four closes in 52 games (51 starts). Among goalkeepers to have made at least 20 matches, the 32-year-old ranked second in the GAA and tied Jacob Markstrom From Calgary Flames to third place in the percentage of savings. Anderson, who has not played in the post-season due to a ruptured MCL, has won at least 30 games in four of the past six seasons and drawn with him. Sergey Bobrovsky For the first time (241) since the 2014-15 season.

“Watching him move as he does for his size (6ft-4, 238lbs) is impressive,” Dubnik said. “One great thing, to be able to play against a guy who is in control as he is. He never gets out of that. He moves very well. … He doesn’t look like he’s going to score.”

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7. Connor HellbuickWinnipeg Jets

Hellebuyck had the most shots (2,155) and made the most balls (1,962) in the NHL last season. He played 66 matches in second place Poetry in Saros Of the Nashville Predators (67), it was 29-27-10 with 2.97 GAA, .910 savings and four closes. Since his first season as goalkeeper No. 1 in 2016-2017, Hellebuyck leads goalkeepers in matches played (355), starts (346), shots against (10957) and blocks (10031), tied with Andrei Vasilevsky For second place in closing (26) and third place in victories (188). The 29-year-old won the Vezina Cup in 2019-20 when he was 31-21-5 with 2.57 GAA, 0.922 savings and six lockups in 58 games (56 starts).

“I look at competition level goalkeepers and Hellebuyck, with the naked eye, just watch him at night not take a shot, turn, minute or second for balls, everything,” NHL network analyst Ken Daneko said. about the net. …to me, just watching Hellebuyck is a guy who knows he’ll never quit playing, even if it seems like a sure-fire goal.”

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6. Thatcher DemkoVancouver Canucks

The 26-year-old was among the NHL leaders in games (third) and won (ninth) last season, going 33-22-7 with 2.72 GAA, 0.915 savings and one closing in 64 games (61 starts). In 72 games (69 games) in his previous four seasons, he was 34-31-4 with a 2.93 GAA and 0.911 savings percentage.

“It’s been developing along the way,” Daneko said. “…that progression for Demko has been a bit of an upswing and it all started way back with those great few games he played in the playoffs with the Vegas Golden Knights (in 2020).

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5. Ilya SorokinNew York Islanders

Sorokin was 26-18-8 with a 2.40 GAA last season, ranking second in savings percentage (.925) among goalkeepers who played at least 20 games. It was also second in closing (seven). In two NHL seasons, the 27-year-old is 39-24-11 years old, ranking third in GAA (2.33) and second in savings percentage (0.923). He was tied with Florey for second place in the close (10) in that period.

“The way he played last year was crazy and I think the islanders need to be very excited,” said Dubnik. “It was a big possibility, there was a lot of hype coming in (from the Continental Hockey League), and he was able to take the time and is now in that hype.”

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4. Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames

Markstrom, who reached the Vezina Cup final last season, was 37-15-9 in 63 games and led the National Hockey League nine times. Among the goalkeepers who played at least 20 matches, he ranked third in the number of goals against average (2.22) and tied with Andersen in third place in the saving ratio (0.922). as drawn Darcy Comber from the Colorado Avalanche for fourth place in wins. The 32-year-old had NHL career highs in wins, games played, starts (63), GAA, savings (minimum 10 games) and closing last season and has racked up at least 22 wins in each of his past five seasons. .

Let’s talk about no other year without it Igor Shesterkin“It was going to be a lock for Vezina,” Dubnik said. … all the tools are there, he’s capable of [winning the Vezina]. “

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3. Joss Sarros, Nashville Predators

Sarros led the National Hockey League in games and starts (67 each), and finished last season 38-25-3. He was third in wins and tied for sixth in closing (four). Among the goalkeepers who played at least 20 matches, Sarros ranked eighth in saving ratio (0.918) and tied Jack Campbell, then the Toronto Maple Leafs, 15th in the GAA (2.64). The 27-year-old had the second-highest number of shots (2,107), made the second-most hits (1934) and led in a timely position on the ice (3,931:42).

“Stop the disc, and he does it as good as everyone else,” said Daneko. “At 5-11 he’s changing the direction of the wave of NHL goalkeepers today and they’re all 6-3 and bigger because obviously the bigger you are, the more net you’ll cover but that doesn’t matter with him….Saros is great to watch.”

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2. Igor Shesterkin, New York Rangers

Chesterkin won the Vezina Cup last season and was one of the finalists for the Hart Award, awarded to the NHL MVP. He was 36-13-4 in 53 games (52 games), and among the goalkeepers who have played at least 20 games, he leads the NHL in the GAA (2.07) and saves a percentage (0.935). Shesterkin was third in closing (six) and sixth in wins, with a minimum save percentage of 0.940 in 26 games. His 0.929 savings percentage against opposing force players ranked second in the NHL James Reimer From San Jose Sharks. The 26-year-old was 10-9 with a 2.59 GAA and 0.929 savings in 20 games after the season to help Rangers advance to the Eastern Conference Final. He is 62-29-7 with a 2.31 GAA and .928 savings in 100 regular season games.

“Every decade or so, a goalkeeper comes along, it doesn’t matter what league he plays in, they are able to get into the best league in the world right away and be dominant,” said Danico. “And that’s what Shesterkin did because of his athletic ability and agility… He’s a special goalkeeper… He would have been No. 1 on this list.”

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1. Andrei Vasilevsky, Tampa Bay Lightning

Vasilevsky, who has led or tied for the National Hockey League lead in each of the past five seasons, won 39-18-5 with a 2.49 GAA, 0.916 savings percentage and two closeouts in 63 games last season. He won the Vezina Cup in 2018-19 and finished in the top five in the voting in each of the past five seasons. Since 2015-16, the 28-year-old leads the NHL in wins (222) and is third in closing (27). Vasilevskiy helped the Lightning team win the Stanley Cup in successive seasons, playing every minute in the 2020 and 2021 playoffs. He was 16-7 years old with 1.90 GAA, .937 savings and five lockouts in 23 games to win the Conn Smythe Award and was voted Player of the Year in Play-off in 2021.

“It’s big (6-3, 225) it’s flexible and fast, it’s everything,” Dubnik said. “It’s crazy to watch. … It’s crazy and then you combine that with the fact that he’s a top player. We talked about if you could pick one goalkeeper that you’d like to have in a big game, it would be unanimous. You can combine that with His talent and that’s why he’s #1 every year, pretty much.”

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