Bill Guerin has a chance to squeeze a few NHL GMs

with this week Signing the deal forward free agent Sam Steel, the Minnesota Wild slump season is coming to an end. until when vacation in europeAnd the Bill Gerin He has conceivably completed his list. Two goalkeepers who weren’t in training camp last year will help with the wrinkle. The star traded forward Kevin Viala To the Los Angeles Kings. and with Marco Rossi And the Calin AddisonExpected promotions, Minnesota roster looks solid.

Once Wild officially promotes Rossi and Addison, they will have 22 out of 23 available listings. Just because they have another field available doesn’t mean they need to fill it out. Teams are comfortable entering the season with one striker and one man in defense. They also currently have $4.08 million in cap space and can allow that number to accumulate throughout the season and use it to spend large sums on the trade deadline if they are in contention.

But Guerin should consider using that cover space now. Not to get a good player to improve his roster, but instead arm that space to take a bad contract, even if that player hasn’t moved the needle much for his team this year.

why? Because the timing couldn’t be better.

according to friendly hatCurrently, 12 of the 32 teams in the league are over the limit. All 12 have about a month before the league requires them to cut their spending at or below the cap cap of about $82 million. A handful of these teams currently have a contract that will be placed on the Long-Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) on the league’s start date, taking that contract off their books and taking them below the roof. For example, Tampa Bay Lightning has Brent SeabrookThe $6.8 million cap went directly to LTIR in October, which would make it cap compliant immediately.

However, a few teams will need to take out a player or two through trade in the next 30 days to be compatible, even if they have a player eligible for LTIR. (must) Every General Manager knows of these teams. If you’re the general manager of a team with an open roster spot and some space, you should lick your chips and dial some phones.

The reward for entering into a bad contract will be huge. These teams that are struggling to reach the cap are operating with zero leverage and time is running out. Any deal they try will require that a valuable asset and the player be attached to another team for “future considerations”. The Calgary Flames just traded Sean Monahan To Montreal Canadiens to make way for the signature Nazim Qadri. It cost them an extra first-round pick to make Montreal tempt them.

So why is the wilderness doing this now? Why not provide the cover space to run a race with the best player on this year’s deadline? We have said it here many times, real window The Minnesota Wild does not open until it hits the dead cover Zach Barris And the Ryan Sutter They come from their books in the summer of 2025. (See, I I told you Maybe I’ll bring the dead beats again. I promise I’m done this time…maybe.)

Also, who’s to say Guerin is going to use the cover space to make a big deal on Deadline? With an upcoming Elite 2023 draft and an excellent range of odds, would Guerin be willing to give up any of those assets to win it this year? So why not use that cover space now and get a first-round pick in this year’s draft? Supposed to be a draft all the time, to remember?

With other GMs getting desperate this off-season for a compliant ceiling, they’ll have to trade away one or two high-end assets just to get below the ceiling. Now is the time to strike. Hopefully Guerin is working on the phone to do this.

Below are two potential trades that could make sense with teams that need to move money.

Boston Bruins

Currently $2.24 million over the cap, Bruins needs to take out the contract. It’s more than just money, as they have 24 players on their current roster and can only have 23 players in a regular season. Marcos Foligno‘Brothers nick Particularly intriguing. Guerin has shown an interest in him in the past, and his injury issues have made him a limited contributor. Boston is preparing to make one last Stanley Cup push with its core players, so it might make sense to part ways with their first player in 2023 to get the alignment to the limit.

At this point in his career, Foligno is best working as a part-time player. Therefore, worrying about him taking ice time away from the younger players of Wilde shouldn’t be a concern.

Florida Panthers

Who will play? defense for this team? Regardless, how on earth are they supposed to pull out $3.3 million next month? A decent player will be traded, and they will have to add some juice to the trade. what about Patrick Hornqvist? The Panthers will have to keep some of the $5.3 million he made, but the Wild could trade with Hornqvist like Jordan Greenway Insurance if his injury lasts longer than expected.

Florida has very little venture capital left. However, the package starting from the second round of 2023 is worth discussing.

These two are just the two more obvious teams with the most logical contracts to move. There are others that need to get rid of the salary as well, like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Vegas Golden Knights. Guerin has a good team that will compete when he built it. With an extra spot on the list, wouldn’t it be wise to turn that final spot into another high-draft pick or two, giving God’s project Does Judd Brackett have more chances to live up to the highest expectations?

There is a possibility that the slack season in Wild is not yet complete. There may be another trade coming up, one that will allow Minnesota fans to see Wild Draft’s second-round draft pick again next summer.