Boston Bruins Camp Countdown: Nick Foligno

Between now and the start of training camp, Boston Hockey is now working on profiling players who will participate in, or have a chance to join, the 2022-23 Boston Bruins. Player of the Day: Nick Foligno.

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What happened last year: Foligno, 34, has seen his numbers fall in each of the past four seasons and that has continued in his first season in Boston, where he scored two goals and 13 points in 64 games while battling problems. Overburdened mostly in the fourth streak, which led to a certain level of rift with then head coach Bruce Cassidy, he made little impact on the team overall after being brought on as a veteran striker strength.

Obviously, part of the problem is that Foligno has to work even harder to keep up with the pace of the NHL as he grows into middle age, but part of that was also that he wasn’t enough of a net presence as his coming to Boston was announced. Foligno was most effective along the length of the field and during playoffs when he found consistent line chemistry with Thomas Nozick and Curtis Lazar buying the three forwards truly playing powerline roles in Boston Bruins.

But let’s be honest here, Foligno was not brought to Boston under a contract that pays him $3.8 million a season to try to weed out as a fourth striker apparently incapable of causing much offense or effect at the table. Any way you look at it, Foligno must be seen as a disappointment with a year approaching with plenty of questions about what he’ll bring to the table in Boston.

Questions to be answered this season: It’s an honest question, of course, but Foligno must prove that he’s left something meaningful in the tank. No coach around anymore The veteran striker has clearly had some friction with him, has entered a new season in perfectly healthy shape and has a chance of settling into the Round 6 with the Lions and Golds.

But we’re talking about a longtime active NHL player and ex-Columbus captain who has seen his game decline over the past few seasons, and one who is now suffering from back issues that have surfaced in the past two seasons. The Boston Bruins have chosen not to attempt the acquisition path with Foligno, so he will have a fair chance to land a role for himself at NHL training camp next season. Would you end up with Foligno buried in the AHL as Chris Wagner, or simply playing the season as a 13 . kid?The tenth A striker on a team who could use a very grinding physical winger if the 34-year-old was up to the task.

In their words: “Our fourth streak, which I see Foligno as a leader for, if he’s not in the third row, is an important momentum streak. Bringing us right back to the end of the other team and gaining momentum for the other streaks and wearing the teams so we can change quickly and weed out whoever Basta plays with him to get us a goal. “. Boston Bruins coach Jim Montgomery to the Boston Globe while discussing Foligno’s envisioned role next season.

Overview: Nick Foligno is among a number of Boston Bruins likely to enter his final year in Boston, and it is up to the 34-year-old how his mission with the Black and Gold will be presented once all is said and done. His first season in Boston wasn’t very good for a number of reasons, but one of them seemed to be different about his role with the team.

There should be no repeat of the season with Foligno so visible on his way into the season, and a chance for him to bring strength, fitness, grit and drive to the table for a bottom 6 group he certainly can. Use all of these things. Foligno can certainly do better numbers than last season, even in the fourth line, and he should be excited to be more of an impact on his resume before coming to Boston.

For a team that views this season as its “last dance”, so to speak with Patrice Bergeron and David Craigie on one-year deals, Foligno fits very much into that mindset and is looking for one of his last chances in Stanley Cup glory as well.