Brian Daboll assigns Mike Kafka the role of liaison to the players

The Giants aren’t about to mess with Mike Kafka’s rhythm and the NFL’s highest offensive line during pre-season.

Well, with the exception of charging the quarterback responsible for those numbers to the coaching staff and cutting several playmakers.

He will remain play-related Kafka — a job he tested, as offensive coordinator for the first time, throughout spring and summer training — when the regular season begins Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. Take it as evidence that not all pre-season results are quite as meaningless as they seem when the cuts are made.

“I have great confidence in Mike,” coach Brian Dabol said. “We will stay with the way we did things in pre-season.”

After ranking 31st in offense and offense last season, the Giants led the NFL in both categories during three preseason games. Of course, this is an apple-to-orange comparison because third-series quarterback Davis Webb carved third-series defenses during the second half of those games.

Mike Kafka
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Brian Double
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Midfielder Daniel Jones led the Novices to 10 points from his total five possessions. The Giants have averaged 16.3 points per game in the NFL over the past two seasons, under coach Joe Judge, Jason Jarrett (26 games) and Freddy Kitchens (seven games).

Daboll landed his job largely because of the way quarterback Josh Allen developed into an MVP candidate and called plays for a high-score attack with the Bills. While it’s no surprise that the 35-year-old Kafka will continue to play the caller, Daboll has expressed reluctance to formally assign the role at every turn until Monday, after the two offensive minds met to discuss it over the weekend.

“[Kafka] “He knows how to make men match,” said novice receiver Wan’Dale Robinson. “He will take us into a groove and push us forward; he knows when to take the shots and make us in the best plays.”

General Manager Joe Schoen said in January that he would prefer a head coach not to double down on his playing role and take away other management responsibilities. Daboul and Kafka have not worked together previously, but Kafka is unlikely to have been lured away from his comfortable place as Patrick Mahomes’ quarterback coach and passing game coordinator for the Chiefs if he didn’t think he would. caller play.

“We’re definitely going to be more on the aggressive side,” Saquon Barkley said last week. “I think we felt what we wanted to do in camp, but that could change week by week. Every job has to be able to adapt, and that’s something I learned off-season working with Dabes, working with Kafka. They could be game planning on the sidelines in The outside; telling the coach what I see, or whatever they see, and you’re able to change the game plan there and implement it.”