Can Martin Kuyt do this year with the Colorado Avalanche?

It will be a very competitive training camp for Colorado Avalanche On the one hand: the battle between some of the youngsters in the organization, and the attacking prospects for potential jobs with the big club. You have a lot of guys who would go into camp thinking they had a shot at making the team, including Shane Powers, Oscar Olson, Ben Myers, Sambo Ranta, Cal Burke, Mikhail Maltsev, Anton Bledh, Jason Megna and the guy I’m going to focus on a bit more today, Martin Kuyt.

Simply put, this is a very big season to come for the 22-year-old, who was previously in the first round of the avalanche pick. He’s entering the final year of his entry contract, which pays $863,334 at the NHL and . level $425,000 at AHL level. After this season, he will be a restricted free agent.

He’s coming out of a mixed bag of the season, most of which he spent with the Colorado Eagles. He was injured in some season, but he scored 19 goals and 31 points in 46 games with the Eagles. He played six avalanche games, without points and two minutes from penalty kicks.

In my opinion, he should have a big camp, including pre-season games, to get people like Jared Bednar to believe in him more. I don’t think Bednar hates Kuyt or anything else, but the 6-2, 190-pound right winger clearly hasn’t made a strong impression on him yet. In 20 National Hockey League games through three small periods with avalanche, Kuyt scored two goals and one assist. Sure, he didn’t get a lot of game time, but it was more than other coffee breaks other players in his group got – at a 9:12 rate per game.

I saw Kuyt play a few games with the Eagles last year, and he’s a strong, strong skater of good size. He’s got a good, tough shot. Looks like he played with more snarling and sandpaper. With Avalanche, the problem, as I’ve seen it, is that he’s not quite sure what kind of style he’s supposed to play.

Does he think he has to be a grinder, a checker, to stick with the big club? Or does he think of himself as the best of six who haven’t had enough chance to prove it yet? There is no doubt that Kuyt wants to use more than his instincts to shoot and attack. But it became a catch-22 for men like him after a while.

Kuyt needs to put in better offensive numbers at the NHL level, but if he can’t get the ice time and more talented teammates to play with, how can he put together better offensive numbers?

It’s just one of those things where he’s going to have to find a way somehow. He will have to play two pre-season games with two goals or something, to get the attention of the coaches (and fans) even more.

As I see it, there is a real chance for a guy like Kuyt to make the leap this year. Four strikers from last year’s qualifiers (Nazim Kadri, Andrei Burakovsky, Niko Storm, Nicholas Ob-Kopel) are with other teams now. There are your new opportunities for Martin Coyote and the others mentioned above.

Martin Kuyt must be one of the leaders in the club to break out of the competition and make the big club. he is should be anyway.

But will that really happen? It won’t be long before we start figuring it out.

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