Carson Lampus is the key to the future of the wild

The good news with Carson Lampus? It could be anything at this point. Evolution curves for defensemen can take a while to form and become predictive. Add more disruption to its development due to COVID and injuries, and it gets even bleaker for Lampus.

Despite all this, Lambos did well for themselves last season. He scored 10 goals and 47 points in 51 WHL games and finished 11th in points and points per game among the WHL defenses. That means Lambos still find themselves with some pretty good comparisons, according to Hockey Prospecting.

Tom you can He is the most similar player in Lambos so far. Poti is an 800-game player who has scored double-digit goals three times and earned 40-point seasons. He also played big minutes early Alex Ovechkin The era of Washington Capitals. Poti was a lawful defenseman of the first order. Not a bad result at all!

Jared Spurgeon also appears. You may know him because he is the best defenseman in the history of Minnesota Wild. Dennis Weidmann, who had 815 good matches, is also on the list. If you look at the Poti comparisons, you’ll see Francois Buschmina closed defensive man who has had 903 career and Stanley Cup games with the Anaheim Ducks.

You will also find Cam Parkeris the former No. 3 overall pick that has become the worst commercial acquisition in Wild history.

The bad news with the Lampus? It could be anything at this point. This includes Parker. So where does that leave Minnesota?

Lampos sure has a talent to seek. Scouts circled the Lambos as the top pick a year before his draft — and maybe even in the top five. “The Winnipeg Ice Defender is the complete package with size, skate capability and two-way awareness,” McKeen’s Scouting wrote in the draft guide for 2020, with a 2021 class preview. “He also emerges as a physical defender and projects as a building block for all situations.”

This was high praise, and McKeen’s wasn’t the only outlet flocking around Lambos at the time. FC Hockey described him as a “very dynamic defender” before praising every aspect of skating.

“His balance on his edges makes him very unpredictable, allowing him to dance out of trouble at either end of the rink,” they said. “Equally impressive, his skating looks effortless… his skilful footwork extends to the way he handles the disc, where he can outsmart and outsmart opponents.” You can see that in the following highlight.

These Exploratory Reports are now over two years old, but you must know this to understand Lambos and their place in the organization. It’s a classic Judd Brackett – bet a special talent falls. The injury-ridden draft year saw him drop to 26th overall.

This is where the magic for Brackett and the Wild happens. As they showed with Jesper Wallstedt and Danila Yurov, if there was a chance of a top 10 talent in this range, they would take this player every time.

The rest is up to Lambus. One bad play He made it out of Team Canada’s squad for the World Junior Championships, which is a pity. But he has amazing chances around the corner. He’ll be captain on the ice again. He will also be a year older and beyond his injury problems. Lambos is ready to take a big step forward.

There is also a chance that you will redeem your next World Junior performance in a few short months. Lambos are eligible to play in the World Junior Championships 2023. Team Canada has brought back only two defenders from this year’s tournament: Olen Zellweger and Ethan Del Mastro. Granted, Zellweger is a star, and Del Mastro takes the Lambos’ place, but the minutes are there for Lambos to win.

Focusing on old scout reports, injuries, and disappointments on World Junior makes it seem as if Lambos are backing off the table as a possibility. So, too, it probably ranks eighth on our top ten list. But it’s still an excellent possibility. Remember, a lot of Top Defense 4 guys looked like they looked pretty much the same from a production standpoint.

Lambos is a powerful prospect, if not stronger, as it was when Wild coined it. drop from Our ranking number 7 Last season is just a reflection of the improvement of the Wild system.

Corey Bronman had recently paid tribute to Lampus a couple of weeks ago. He ranked him seventh among Wild-23 players (sixth among our eligible predictions list) on August 25. He wrote, “He has the legitimate puck-moving skills and projects to be a minor offensive contributor to the NHL.” It also notes that he put his offensive numbers despite not being at the top of the force.

Continuous development will ensure it stays on top of the Wild depth chart on the left defence. If he blossoms next year, Minnesota will undoubtedly be able to use his skills. The wild is deep on defenders who skate well, but few bring in Lambos’ mix of size (6’1″) and talent.

But even if the Lambos don’t differentiate themselves from prospects like Ryan O’Rourke and Daemon Hunt, Minnesota is still in great shape. A previous first-round pick that exudes talent is an excellent staple for future trades.

Look at what the Los Angeles Kings did in this off season, trading with a high probability of defense and selection Kevin Viala. Ex-defender Emil Heinemann was relegated to the second round and selected for over two years Tyler ToffoliVery cheap suite. Adam Bockvist8 overall in 2018, became the focus of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Seth Jones trade.

The central truth of Lampus? It could be anything for the wild. Is he a top 4 defensive man in the future? Probably! Is he a future top 4 defensive player who takes down a player with a friendly contract that helps him compete in the tough years of crisis? Maybe!

There are ways this choice might not work in Minnesota. But for every way things could go wrong, there are two potential paths for Lambos to show that betting on cutting-edge talent is always the best draft strategy.