Conte worried about match congestion, excluded Lucas from Champions League against Marseille

Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur will start with them Champions League Tomorrow afternoon’s campaign to host Marseille in the opening group stage for both teams. It’s a good opportunity for Spurs to start strong against a potential opponent, but it comes during a series of very brutal matches.

Tottenham hosts Marseille, then travels to Manchester For the Premier League game on Saturday afternoon before a trip to Lisbon to face Sporting in the Champions League the following Tuesday. When asked in his pre-match press conference about Tottenham experiencing some congestion early in the season, Conte admitted that He is worried about how many matches Tottenham are playing In such a short period of time.

“Honestly seeing this schedule on Tottenham is unbelievable, it’s crazy. We played three games in six days against Nottingham Forest, West Ham And Fulham, now we play four days later but then we started playing three important matches against Marseille Champions League, City away, and Sporting Lisbon away in six days. I think it might be the first time in my career that I see a table like this.

“Honestly I’m trying to check the schedule for other teams and I’ve seen that in this case Tottenham analyzed a lot, our team our team. I think in the future in this situation we’re not so lucky. I think in the future also I’m talking with the club that we have to pay great attention to talking as well. With the Premier League because we have to pay attention when there is this kind of schedule.

“One more day, one less day can completely change your life as you can drop points and I think that’s not good for a team like Tottenham. When you want to start thinking like a winner you have to pay attention to the details. The details of the schedule are very important for every club, especially for the club that He wants to fight for something important. I think we can do a much better job for the future.”

It’s an extended challenge, sure, and Spurs will need to rotate carefully in order to try to maximize points while keeping players fit and healthy. To that end, Conte has received some good news, as he says Spurs are almost entirely fit, with only Lucas Moura left out for tomorrow’s game against Marseille.

“[Lucas] Mora does not exist, does not exist. I think tomorrow he will start a training session on the pitch. He has this inflammation in his tendon and I hope to recover very soon because we need him especially up front.”

Conte was asked about Tottenham’s mentality for tomorrow’s game, which is the club’s first Champions League game in three years. His answer indicated that Spurs know they are not favorites to win this competition, but that they have the potential to perform well. Conte has also continued to advance his persistent narrative that Spurs are only in the early stages of a long process of improvement.

“First of all today we are talking in a Champions League press conference about what we did last season and I think last season we did a great job. Honestly, it was just hard to think about playing the Champions League this season. Rather, for the work we did With great hoarding, we got this feat.

“We should enjoy playing in this great competition in Europe. But we have to play to try and do our best. You know my thinking: we have to play with great ambition, great passion and great will to be champions in this competition.

“I know very well that this tournament is really tough – the toughest in the world. But at the same time, it is a great opportunity for us to show that we are on the right track, taking steps forward and wanting to try to improve and satisfy our fans and ourselves.”

Tottenham will start against Olympique Marseille at 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM GMT. The match will be broadcast on BT Sport 4 and BT Sport 5 in the UK, and on Paramount+ in the US.