Critics close to unanimity in picking crows over planes

Mike Florio Pro Football Talk This is a game that Baltimore cannot afford to lose, he said.

“It’s very simple. If the crows are going to do anything this year they can’t go to the planes and lose,” Florio said. “This is something they need to consider as a victory because it’s not like there are a lot of easy ‘W’ words on the schedule for any team in the AFC this year, especially not North Asia.”

Here’s a sample of what critics have to say about the game:

Lamar Jackson’s attack and the crows would be too much for aircraft defense.

USA Today’s Safid Deen: “Lamar Jackson will continue to do what Lamar Jackson is doing. The Ravens will start the season with a relatively easy win.”

Vinny Eyre Sports News: “The Jets have upgraded their secondary level with three new players, but they still have gaps in the top seven, which will carry some running defense problems from last season. This is not good news against Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews and a heavy attack.”

It’s going to be a great day for Andrews.

Jamison Hensley from ESPN: ‘Bold prediction: Baltimore’s tight end, Mark Andrews will hit a career high with 150 yards. Jackson will rely on his preferred target even more with receiver Marquis Brown trading to Arizona and no JK Dobbins (knee). Taking in tight ends last season (1113), I gave up at least 100 to Kyle Bates, Rob Gronkowski and Dallas Guedert.”

The crows will win, but it won’t be easy.

Greg Rosenthal of “Don’t be surprised if [Jets Head Coach Robert] A valid defense makes this ugly and close. The front four in New York can be bad, and Gardner’s sauce in the rear corner is part of an improved rear end. They’ll make Lamar Jackson earn it.”

Rob Shields from the Russell Street Report: “My bold expectation for this game is that it will be closer than many believe and Ravens fans want it to be. You have the Flacco factor. You know he’s going to want to play this game. But more importantly, I think the Ravens will look a lot better in 4-6 weeks.” of what it would look like now. They still have injured guys and guys coming back. They also haven’t played many players in pre-season. So you have a bunch of rust and health early on. Now, it helps that the Jets aren’t that good but they have some good running They have some weapons in WR that can hurt you. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Jets attack looked relatively decent.”

The Jets have some promising young players up front, but they will miss quarterback Zach Wilson.

Maurice Mouton of Bleacher Report: “The Jets have some intriguing playmakers with first-round rookie Garrett Wilson, second-year receiver Elijah Moore and two young running players Michael Carter and second-round rookie Bryce Hall, but they don’t have quarterback running their offensive engine on Sunday. Wilson is out, and Flacco won’t cut it in his age.”

Flacco will give the crows defense problems.

Pete Briscoe from CBS Sports: “The only thing Joe Flacco can do is pass the ball down the field, and when you look at the Ravens’ ability to speed up the pass, that’s their number one concern of the season – can they get enough passes? That’s why I think he’s going to come back and hit some Picks. They have some talented receivers out there, some young receivers, some young receivers but there’s talent out there, and I think he’s going to keep it close.”

Ravens WR Rashod Bateman vs.Jets CB Sauce Gardner is a must-watch match.

Henry McKenna from Fox Sports: “There may not be a more fun rivalry between the young playmakers around the NFL. Pittmans had a quiet rookie season while dealing with an injury, but the Ravens clearly anticipate a major breakout in the second year, in part because their spacious reception room devoid of outstanding talent other than him. Gardner, seeded fourth in this year’s draft, gets a chance to show why he believes in him.”