Dater’s Daily: Nathan MacKinnon Contract Signed, Extended Hockey Coverage Now On The Way

Great Thursday for all my fun bands Colorado Hockey Now For subscribers and you too who walks your way. About 85 degrees already here in Thornton at 10:20 a.m., but expectations are calling for some compassionate cooling in the next few days. Let’s do some hockey notes and links, starting with one on how avalanche fans are buying everything on the horizon in celebration of the Stanley Cup, and some exciting news Colorado Hockey Now Subscribers and some Nathan McKinnon contract speculation, among others:

  • I was looking at the “simple” design that S. Preston built to win the Avalanche Cup, and I liked it very much. I even thought about buying one for young Thomas Datter, a huge Avalanche fan. But they were all sold out – the only decal out of the other simplified championship posters for teams from other sports. How much does that say about how frenzied the avalanche masses are now? Click here to at least see them (Preston Designs)
  • It’s hard to find other things in the Avalanche Cup, too. Altitude Authentics has some good stuff, though (height authenticity)
  • Good news for CHN subscribers, and other Hockey Now sites too: I’m going to cut and paste what my partner in crime, Dan Kingerski, wrote on the leading Hockey Now site, Pittsburgh Hockey NowThis morning: The new platform is about to expire! We started training and moving some locations yesterday. “The new platform means your subscription to PHN + without ads (and subscription to CHN + It will give you access to all Hockey Now sites and their subscription content..but wait, there is more! Our app is on the way. You will be able to configure it for the teams, sports and breaking news you want. Our national home page will be updated with the most important news in real time, and you will get a daily newsletter instead of many emails per day.”
  • I have more good news, for those sitting on the fence who want to join thousands of others Colorado Hockey Now Subscribers: I’ll give you 20% off the annual subscription right now, from $29.99 to $24.99, if you use the word 5off promo code in the quick and easy subscription checkbox here: (checkout box).
  • Hey, you know I don’t forget you either, current subscribers to my channel who probably paid five bucks more. You can often get that price as well (I manage the sales a bit) on the next run. Easy to find if you want to find me in it.
  • Lots of commercial rumors involving population Recently (Montreal hockey now)
  • It’s been quiet lately on the Nathan McKinnon contract front, at least for me anyway. It looks like the cone of silence is under construction on it. This might be a very good thing, and something might get done. we will see. I had had source story He said last month that McKinnon and his camp fully expect, when he signs his next contract, that he will be the current highest-paid player in the NHL, and I support that 1,000%. Other outlets picked up the story (no credit Colorado Hockey Nowhow trivial) so I guess it’s “official” now lol.
  • I originally projected a new AAV of $14.5 million in the next deal. I might lower that a bit, to $13.5 or $14. The current highest salary in the NHL is now $12.5 million.
  • Some people who know Nathan McKinnon have told me he’s hungrier than they’ve ever been for another cup, and winning another cup made him hungrier for another.
  • Sportsnet Podcast 32 Thoughts: Elliot Friedman has the scoop on Evan Rodriguez and its options.
  • Spoiler alert: avalanche apparently isn’t in the mix.
  • The Red Wings (Boo) haven’t played in the playoffs in several years, but the National Hockey outlets still want to show them on TV a lot this season (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Watch a good documentary last night about the late Morton Downey Jr. He’s pretty much the godfather of trivial television, which Jerry Springer and many others later chose. (Amazon)
  • Don’t forget, it’s Avalanche Alumni Alumni’s Weekend in Vail this weekend. Lots of past Avs you can see, and sad sutterfrom the origin Bachelorette Fame is regulated. More information. over here
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