Deion Sanders loses her grandmother, then Shedeur Sanders’ son throws 5 TDs into FAMU’s Jackson State defeat

MIAMI GARDENS, FL – Dion Sanders wanted the Jackson State soccer team to dominate and bring some relief to their community affected by jackson water crisis Back home in Mississippi.

They got the job done – all while Sanders dealt with a personal loss before the game.

Jackson State quarterback Schedur Sanders, Dion’s son, threw five high-powered touchdown passes Beat Florida A&M, 59-3, on Sunday at the Orange Blossom Classic At Hard Rock Stadium.

The season-opening win came with Sanders – The Pro Football Hall of Famer He became a football coach in the third year of university – he received the news of the death of his grandmother Hattie Mae Mims.

“My grandmother was going well. Grandma was in her 90s. Grandma was the patriarch of our family. It was my grandmother who took me to church. It was Grandma who taught me about the Lord,” Sanders said.

“My grandmother was the one who stayed with her when I was ignorant. It was my grandmother who smashed my ass. Grandma used to look out the window when I was crossing the street to play ball and play ball, and I’d see that little face looking out the window because I knew I had to go home before Night fell. Because grandmother did not play. Grandma was disciplined. Grandmother was a God-fearing woman until the day she left. Grandmother was everything. So, a real woman was lost. A real woman.”

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The younger Sanders began his sophomore season by completing his first 17 passes, finishing 29 of 33 for 323 yards. He threw touchdown passes to receivers Shane Hawks (two), Dallas Daniels and Rico Powers and tight end Hayden Hagler.

Defensive back Ke’Vric Wiggins Jr. objection, and linebacker Aubrey Miller Jr. Confused, security Herman Smith returned a forbidden kick all to land in defeat.

Corner student Travis Hunter, who Florida rejected in favor of Jackson On National Signature Day, he earned three breakout assists in his college debut.

“We expect it. We don’t expect any less,” Sanders said of the blast win. “That was no surprise.”

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Jackson State coach Dion Sanders poses with the trophy after the Orange Blossom Classic against Florida A&M.

Despite the score on the field, which saw JSU outperform FAMU 471-155 in total yards, both teams will leave this classic in better shape than they came to Miami earlier in the week among the national headlines.

And this is encouraging news for the state of HBCU football teams striving for stability, fame, and a seat at the table in the ever-evolving world of college football, TV contracts and expanded stadiums.

City officials in Jackson, Mississippi, told residents Sunday The water pressure must be increased as the storage levels in the water tanks of the OB Curtis water treatment plant increase. Earlier this week, Governor Tate Reeves and President Joe Biden both declared a state of emergency after the city was without running water. Still, the boiling water notice is in effect.

However, Jackson State has to house soccer players in hotel rooms, find food vendors to feed them, and they must figure out how to wash all their clothes and equipment, train and fly to Memphis before their next game against Tennessee State on Saturday.

Sanders said the arduous task costs the university about $15,000 a night, and “we came to an agreement on that.”

“How can we go out and take control like that, and put a kid back in something that’s closed and you don’t have water? You can’t flush a darn toilet. You don’t have air. You have to think about all these things,” Sanders said.

“Those are the thoughts going through my head, making sure that these kids are taken care of. How do we do everything we do, and ask these kids to do what they did, and have these kids play on national TV and then put them back in some crap? This is the kind of thing that happens. “.

Jackson State quarterback Schedur Sanders prepares to pass the ball against Florida A&M at Hard Rock Stadium.

Jackson State quarterback Schedur Sanders prepares to pass the ball against Florida A&M at Hard Rock Stadium.

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With Jackson State in control, FAMU looked like a team that missed nearly a third of their players in the first two weeks of their season. Because of ineligibility issues. Over 89 players signed a letter to the Head of School to raise issues with the Registrar’s Office, Compliance and Academic Counseling.

FAMU coach Willie Simmons welcomed at least 18 players back to his roster last week. A total of 26 FAMU players were deemed ineligible Because of NCAA compliance concerns in Losing the season opener in North Carolina last week. Eight players are still ineligible.

FAMU President Larry Robinson was He was put on the hot seat by the Board of Trustees last FridayThere are plans to add two academic advisory positions and five compliance staff to the athletics department, he said. Currently, FAMU has only one compliance officer for over 300 student-athletes.

FAMU has hired outside linebacker Isaiah Land, considered the top HBCU NFL team, an attorney to help with his civil fight, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. He returned to the field less than four days after the initial report and received a sack in the first half of the match.

“Hopefully we can get through all of these certification issues this week and finish the season,” Simmons said. “We have to be a better team because of that.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Dion Sanders’ son, Cheddor, stars in Jackson State and beats Florida A&M