Denver Broncos Will Miss Russell Wilson Future Stars, Tight End

The Broncos need Sutton, Jeudy, Albert O and Hamler to deliver larger numbers in 2022.

Englewood, Colorado. Russell Wilson on books to raise $57 million this season.

It would be better if he had $57 million, Tim Patrick and Greg Dolch.

As the Broncos prepare to play for survival next Monday night in Seattle, concerns arose from training camp and pre-season training.

One, Depth in Defense. Two, two of Wilson’s planned goals hit Patrick and Dolcic.

For the first big question mark to emerge from the pre-season debacle at Buffalo, general manager George Button added an experienced cornerback by signing Darius Phillips away from the Las Vegas Raiders (he would likely head into their coaching staff) last week. Phillips played four years ago with the Bengals.

The defensive line is 33% rookies with Matt Henningsen and Eyioma Uwazurike, both of whom have the potential to wreak havoc in the background but like all rookies they need to get a little braver against running.

The inside quarterback needs Jonas Griffiths to speed up and recover after four weeks of dislocating his elbow, not six.

Despite this, depth does not usually become a serious concern until a few weeks into the regular season. Losing capable receiver Patrick this season with an ACL injury and tight end talented Dulcich to a hamstring injury for four months could hamper Ross’ ability to cook.

While Wilson’s game shown during camp rehearsals and leadership presence all over the place was worthy of a massive new seven-year $296 million contract that includes a $50 million signing bonus, he would need Cortland Sutton, Jerry Judy, Albert Okwijpunam and KJ Humler to improve performance. 2021 production.

These four also have serious injuries on their resume. Sutton and Albert O suffered a torn ACL in 2020 and Humler ruptured the ACL in early 2021. Jody missed seven games last season with an ankle sprain and wasn’t the same on his return.

Perhaps, more than any other future, the Broncos need Jeudy to meet first-round expectations after he averaged 45, 662 yards and 1.5 touchdowns in his first two seasons.

“The past two years have been tough, but I feel like we have everything we need to succeed this year in attack,” Jody said last week.

Dulcich, a UCLA third-round rookie, is scheduled to return from the injured reserve for game five against the Indianapolis Colts. With Noah Fant, the Broncos’ tight end of the past three years, on the other sideline in Seattle next week, the Broncos need Okwuegbunam to go from 33 last year, 330 yards to about 60 and 600 this year.

The Broncos hope that while camp stole them from Patrick and Dulcich, pre-season may have created a pair of unexpected guns in the fifth round for rookie Montrell Washington and fast driver Jalen Virgil.

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Washington has a chance of eventually becoming a smaller version of Deebo Samuel in that he can be used as much as a receiver.

While not a favorable comparison to Samuel — one and only 6 feet tall and 215 pounds — the Washington 5-10 and 170 are a slot back with versatility that includes the ability to return.

Virgil was perhaps the most pleasant surprise in the Broncos’ inaugural 53-man squad. The next step is to be among the 46 players activated on match day. If so, it could provide a great playing option for Wilson, who throws the deep ball as well as any quarterback in the NFL.

Another reason why Wilson earned $57 million this year.

“He’s definitely worth it,” Karim Jackson said of Wilson’s new contract last week. “He’s been a fantastic captain for us since he’s been here, on and off the field. The attack obviously looks different with him under center. For us, I can’t wait to see Monday night when we go to Seattle, really doing the things he does on a daily basis here against opponent’s defense.

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