ESPN named islanders Oliver Wahlstrom as first candidate in 2022-23

There may be no breakthrough candidate their team needs more than Oliver Wallstrom and the New York Islanders. The same can be said for the player himself because there is a sense that this season is turning into a successful season or a break for the 22-year-old after a season that was at best a side move as the ice dwindled – time and missed opportunities.

On Monday, ESPN’s Greg and Shinsky It released a list of 25 nominees at three different levels for the 2022-23 season. Wahlstrom is located on level 2; Players can thrive with their new teammates; Or, in one case, a new boss. The scenario of the new coach, of course, is Lynn Lambert Behind the seat, replace Barry Trotz.

The relationship between Trotz and the young players has been the subject of constant debate between the fan base last year and in previous seasons. While Wahlstrom isn’t the only player with the Isles or other Trotz-led teams to have experienced “tough love,” he has been on top most of the year due to the team’s place in the standings and continued offensive futility.

Lyn Lambert takes over Barry Trotz as head coach for the Islanders after serving as Trotz’s assistant coach over the past decade. How he will differ from Trotz is somewhat mysterious, and no one is more curious about the differences than Wahlstrom. The 22-year-old forward enters his season 3rd as a regular in the NHL. While Trotz gave him some solid playing time in 73 games, he averaged just 10:35 per game with equal strength.”

Greg Wochinsky, ESPN

The 2018 Islanders’ first round was picked in 126 games over three seasons with mixed results. After 12 goals in 44 games in 2021, he finished last season with 13 goals, a new career record, but only three goals came in his last 38 games. Over the last 10 matches, he has played under 10:00 TOI five times.

He is still young, and patience should be recommended if not required, but they should also be signs of progress in the areas emphasized by the coaching staff. Last year, his icy time was just over 12 minutes per game as he struggled to earn Trotz’s trust as a dependable two-way player who could be trusted to make good, repeatable decisions without the puck.

Despite it all, Trotz gave fans their wish and paired Wahlstrom with him Matthew Barzal In March, but the pair failed to connect the way many had hoped. However, the lack of an addition to the front group this off-season means that Lambert still has to find consistent teammates in his flashy position, Wallstrom. Can you get another shot In showing that it can be trusted with the best minutes and a consistent solid runtime.

If Wallstrom is able to combine with Barzal, a breakout season of 20 goals or more would be a safe bet. If not, he’ll likely have to prove himself on a line that centers around him JJ Bajo And make the most of the power play opportunities as the team will set up one first-class timer from the left circle.

The topic heading into the season will be veterans who need to get back into their functional form, but Wahlstrom is among a smaller group of players who need to prove what they can do at the NHL level to earn more playing time and put up numbers that many feel he can produce.