Extreme Networks, MiLB to partner in technology offerings

extreme networks Is it new The official partner of technology innovation From Minor League Baseballwith the husband’s promise to provide improved technology to MiLB licensees.

The deal comes a year after Extreme Networks and MLB agreed to deliver the deal WiFi upgrade to me 16 MLB ball fields From now until 2026, as sport works towards a connected world that includes More multimedia, transactions and online gambling.

Now, there will be no file MiLB The team is getting close to MLB when it comes to technology, but the new Extreme/MiLB deal is committed to testing new technology in MiLB ballparks and new in-game technologies. In addition, Extreme has been named the Official Wi-Fi Solution, Wi-Fi Analytics Solution and WAN Edge Solution Provider for MiLB in a five-year partnership. And a big part of the deal will affect backroom operations much more than fan fan-facing WiFi, specifically with these new technologies:

  • SD-WAN secure inter-team communicationgiving all 120 MiLB teams access to a solution that enables them to easily and securely share data, including player performance data, game review videos and other proprietary information.
  • Increase technology-driven stadium experiences and games: Extreme will provide high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity to MiLB stadiums that can enable new technologies to be tested in-game.
  • High performance Wi-Fi technology and accurate analytics: MiLB will also provide analytical tools for teams, providing insights into network performance, fan usage and stadium operations to theoretically improve experiences for fans and MiLB crew. This includes monitoring the performance of new applications and tracking usage.

Now, this will be interesting to see how many MiLB teams will implement any part of this past the components that the MLB has requested. Ballpark technology now means four things: WIFI (which can usually be obtained at a lower cost and likely to be bartered with local partners), A / V . technology (boycott video/audio vendors such as Daktronics), the tickets (where stable connection is necessary) and Food/commodity backend management (Provincial franchisees).

“Although our regional teams are connected to each other through our organization, they are geographically dispersed throughout the United States. Extreme’s SD-WAN solution will enable our regional teams to work as if they are all on the same campus, exchanging information and knowledge that will help them on playing a better game,” Neil Poland, Chief Information Security Officer, Major League Baseball, via a press release. “And in our stadiums, Extreme will provide the foundation for the adoption of more fan-facing and in-game technology with secure, fast and reliable connectivity, as well as analytics to help us better understand performance, adoption and impact. Extreme will make us smarter and faster when it comes to understanding how to improve our game as well as experiences. On and off the field.

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