Fifty years later, the Mahovlich 2 game series goal of the Mahovlich game series is still going on

From the moment he pulled himself off Vladislav Tretiak, Peter Mahovlich knew he had scored a legendary goal. In the years that followed, he was reminded several times. This is bound to happen when you score one of the most exciting and timely shorthand goals in the history of the game.

But nearly five decades later, in conversation with Ken Dryden, Mahovlish was made aware of the sheer brilliance of the goal that took Canada 3-1 lead in Game 2 of the Summit Series, which was played 50 years ago on Sunday. Dryden wasn’t playing that night in Toronto and coach Harry Sinden decided that when neither Dryden nor Tony Esposito were playing it would be a healthy scratch, so Ed Johnston was the reserve goalkeeper in all eight games. So Dryden was in the stands when Mahvleich scored.