Finding business destinations for Nils Lundkvist can be difficult

In case you miss it yourselfThe Notice They are looking for business destinations for Nils Lundkvist after that apparent trade request Made by the young defender. Lundkvist is clearly obscured in RD with the commitment of the Rangers Adam Fox And the Jacob’s oven in the first four places. The appearance of Braden Schneider pushed Lundkvist further down the depth chart. Now is the best time to move the Defender, so the Rangers will be looking to move quickly

Finding business destinations for Nils Lundqvist is a challenge

As the Rangers look to find trade destinations for Nils Lundqvist, they will need to maneuver some of their own limitations. The biggest limitations are the timing and general knowledge of the trade order. Training camps will open soon, so Rangers will need to make a deal before Lundkvist is likely not to come or ask for a loan to Sweden. The first seems unlikely, as there is no damaged relationship with the front office.

This leaves the Rangers with a few weeks to find commercial destinations for Nils Lundkvist, but it’s not just timing, it’s asking for a potential comeback. While we don’t know what Chris DruryIt would be a comeback request, we know what the club doesn’t need. It is unlikely that Rangers will demand a winger, goalkeeper or goalkeeper in return. They are stacked in these positions. This leaves the center.

This does not leave many options.

Los Angeles Kings?

The kings It is the easiest and most popular business destination for Nils Lundqvist. They have a bunch of positions that don’t have places on the list, and they need defensive men. Even as the Kings plan for life after Anze Kopitar (2 years left), they still have Philip Danault (5 years old), Alex Yvalo (3 years old), Quinton Byfield (ELC), Gabriel Velardi (RFA), Rasmus Kupari (RFA) and Alex Turcot (ELC, not the NHL yet). There are others, too, but these are the big names.

With the cap put, only ELC makes sense for Rangers, nor do they get Byfield. The most reasonable and matching option is Turcotte. Both Lundkvist and Turcotte have not been suspended in the NHL yet, with Turcotte having some injury concerns and Lundkvist being banned. Turcotte owns the pedigree, and when he was healthy he was 6-12-18 in 27 games in the AHL. In theory, this is a match made in heaven.

The Rangers will likely need to add a piece to make a deal on the Turcotte action, as the value is a little lower in a 1-for-1 deal. Then again, the value is off in the Larson/Hall swap, so what do we know?

Perhaps this is where Rangers could add the disgruntled Julien Gauthier as a local?

Vancouver Canucks?

The Canucks A team might be interested, but its status is relatively unknown at the moment. Might they be competing, or trying? If so, they need a defense man. Their cover placement is poor, but Lundkvist is about as cheap as it meets a need. Assuming the Canucks can figure out their cover issues, they make a trading partner for black horses.

I’m not very familiar with the prospects or potential value, so take this with obvious caution, but is there a match for Linus Carlson? The 22-year-old third-rounder (2018) came after an impressive rookie season in the SHL, delivering 26-20-46 in 52 games. Again, I’m not sure if this is a fair value scenario.

Non-player compensation?

If the Rangers can’t find a match with a young position, the only realistic path is to go to the fair value draft picks. This means sending Lundkvist to a team for what could be a late pick for the first round. That’s not the best case scenario, as Lundkvist expects the top four defense to be running the powerplay, and the teams that need that aren’t usually in the playoffs or the cup competition picture.

If so, Rangers might look to pick the second round early as the best bit in turn, likely with another pick or two. This isn’t ideal, since Rangers will essentially take their highest potential customer, trade and send them away for pieces that don’t move the team forward and don’t generate much value in other deals.

Finding commercial destinations for Nils Lundqvist would be a challenge for Drury. This may not be a shining moment for the new GM.