Five thoughts on the Sounders’ much-needed win over Dynamo

Sometimes you have to enjoy the little things.

Whether it was to survive Zombie apocalypse Or just fainting hard at the end of the season in Major League Soccer, enjoying these moments throughout life’s journey can be just as satisfying as the destination itself, even if you don’t end up making it.

not this Seattle Sounders They lost hope of resurrection late in the season. The dwindling post-season hopes were brightened up a bit after their 2-1 win over the team Houston Dynamo Sunday evening at Lumen Field, but the three points were almost too late in the wake of many fans’ dream come true in the 59th minute.

Nohu’s goal – for those who watched it live – was unsurprising and a bit stuttering, but he may also have been an overtime winner to win the tournament due to the backlash he received. After all, when you Wait 149 matches For the first time, you can also celebrate like the end of the world as you know it.

When the Sounders season is over – wherever it is – there will be tall peaks and deep valleys to discuss. Where it might be his first career goal in MLS by Nouhou rates along this path skewed by his cult-favorite status. But darn it if you haven’t had a moment to savor.

Sometimes it’s the little things, actually.

Although Nohu was never paid to hit targets and provide assistance, it has long been discussed as the loophole in his overall game: the need to be more than just an offensive threat. Even his most ardent critics on the field will acknowledge his improvement in passing, and simply being more dangerous going forward. But the end product was inconsistent at best. It was therefore particularly encouraging for the Cameroon international to be involved in the Sounders’ two goals, as they continue to try to find a more consistent attack.

It can’t be blamed on why the Sounders struggle over a certain area, but the complete lack of production from the bench this year certainly hasn’t helped. In the absence of Raul Ruídias for most of the summer, neither Will Bruin nor Freddy Monteiro were really able to provide a steady rest, at least in the front position. With the return of Ruediaz, he offered coach Brian Schmitzer an alternative method. He moved Monteiro to the back as an attacking midfielder, where he was able to impact the game with his ability on the ball and work rate. And of course he still has the mentality of a goalscorer, entering the penalty area to gesture the winner of the match. This was his 75th career goal for the Sounders, a franchise record and the first by a Sounders substitute this year.

One day Saunders’ luck will turn around. Maybe it will be a string of positive results in the last games of the season, or maybe the ball will bounce back at the end. This lucky streak didn’t feel coming against Houston, when another “pardon” deflection found his way past Stefan Fry in the 26th minute, giving Dynamo a goal mostly against the course of play. Whether it was red cards, penalty kicks or VAR decisions, it wasn’t the Sounders’ day, month, or even year.

The Sounders are in a bit of a hot spot, trying to salvage a playoff round with a midfield somewhat decimated by injuries. With some limited options, Schmetzer chose to start both Josh Atencio and Danny Leyva in the defensive midfield. This duo had a recurring run in two games and was mostly strong there. At least, they weren’t the cause of the Sounders’ problems in this match. It will be interesting to see if Schmetzer chooses to give them another shot at the weekend against Austin FC, although he may not have much of a choice.

Three points aside, the Sounders still had a hard time running, although they did get a little help thanks to An inexplicable penalty. However, the results were mostly against them – they remained six points out of seventh – and even the slightest misstep from here on out could seal their fate. But as Nohu said after the match, the Sounders never give up, as long as there is an opportunity, the Sounders will look to exploit it. The schedule itself can be controlled, but it remains to be seen if they can find consistency to benefit from.