For the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Peters is a bandage, not a cure

Labor Day off to a good start to Cowboys in Dallas and their fans.

Ever since Jason Peters came to The Star to discuss joining the team for the first time last Wednesday, many of us have been holding our breaths waiting to see if this will actually happen. The team was plunged into a sudden crisis when the left tackle began and Tyrone Smith suffered a leg injury that will keep him in IR until at least the latter part of the season. With limited options, Dallas may have found the best option in Peters. He is not a player of Hall of Fame caliber who was at the height of his career with our beloved opponents Philadelphia Eaglesbut last season with Chicago Bears He showed that he is still more than capable of holding the left-footed tackle in the NFL. Lifts the gloom from our hearts because of The season is now saved!.

With all due respect to the David Howman linked above, Peters is still a future solution to just one of the many problems the Cowboys are facing on the season, if that’s what we think it is. Don’t change your expectations now.

The offensive line has always been the biggest problem for the Cowboys coming this season, but not the only one. Defensively, the roster looks pretty good. On the other side of the ball, there are some depth issues in nearly every offensive position, and the team is riding with a kick thrown once a season for his poor performance. However, there is nothing off the offensive line regarding the wide receiving range. Don’t talk about a point you’ve probably seen more times than you’d like, but they have a well-installed receiver, another that’s still working its way back from a serious injury, a very limited CV backup, and a bunch of guys who haven’t yet to get one pass In a regular NFL game. The coaching staff seem to have high hopes for this group, but hope is not a plan. Now the only option is to ride this. Michael Gallup should provide a boost, but even once he’s back, Dak Prescott still has to work with a group of NFL rookies.

The property has already begun its annual grumble about how their big QB contract forced them to rely on Prescott to raise receivers, game runs, line, defense, special teams, franchise sales, fans and Rowdy on game day. These offensive line issues add something else to his plate as he will likely have to move more than he wants just to avoid sacks. You would think that if your quarterback was such a huge investment for the team, you would do everything in your power to protect and help him. Other teams seem to find ways to do this despite the big QB contracts, but as we’ve learned, not everything in Texas is bigger. This is even more evident in the case of the pie Stephen Jones has to cut when allocating max resources. At least we can feel comfortable with all the cover space the team will have next year. There are more contracts to come, and that ceiling is required to overpay someone because the market reset as Jones flexed his negotiating muscle.

Forgive the volatile bitterness. It is incomprehensible why the two problems the team faced in February are still the two biggest problems in the first game of the season. And don’t forget, Peters was signed into the coaching staff as he advances to the regular season. Understandably, a veteran like him would want to wait until the last minute to sign a deal in order to avoid camp, but the upshot is we’ll see the start of an offensive streak featuring Tyler Smith at LT and Conor McGovern at LG.

Once that starts, the team has to decide if it’s best to keep Peters in a backup role when he’s ready to play, or bring Smith back inside to guard where he’s got all his business before, and put Peters into a left-hand tackle. On paper, this appears to be the strongest line, but asking a novice to keep moving between positions is far from ideal. Hopefully injuries won’t harden their hands, but at least Peters offers a better option than Josh Paul or Matt Waltzko. Once he’s ready to go, of course.

On the first day of the first week of the regular season, Peters was the best signing the team could make to heal the wound they suffered when Tyrone fell. But it was purely reactionary. If Tyrone manages to make it to this Sunday to start against Tampa Bay Buccaneersall indications are that the property was content to roll with the ball and Waletzko as the tackle depth.

Just as with the wide receiver, the team made their bed with staff decisions regarding Amari Cooper and La’el Collins, both of whom are in starting roles with other teams. Then they took the cheap route by relying on skilled players, rookies, inexperienced sophomores, and the UDFA. Other teams use free agency for stark needs, but all we get in Dallas is talking about how much space QB, dry power, pie, pie, and pie are taking up. The team had months to try to find real cures, but instead they are just trying to get things right before they bleed. Peters is a solid, and possibly great addition that will pay immediate dividends once you add in the veteran’s experience and mentorship to the youngsters. But it is not the cure for the ailments found in the owners wing.