Four notes from Bayern Munich’s elegant 2-0 win over Inter Milan in the Champions League

Bayern Munich Snugly intermilan To reserve three points of interest in Champions League Through two magic movements to make the target of Leroy Sané. Inter are not among the current titans of Europe, but they nevertheless posed an important challenge to the Bavarians, a challenge they have comprehensively overcome.

Bayern may have taken more than that – but there are plenty of positives to draw from today’s action.

Unleash Thomas Muller

shot. shot. shot. tyrannical bavarian space translator Andre Onana put the impressive Inter goalkeeper to the test early and often. Three looks in the first half, all from the middle of the box, required desperate interventions. It was as if Bayern’s game plan was designed to put him in exactly that position at just the right times, either for a shot or an assist.

This is perhaps the most compelling that Muller looked at in coach Julian Nagelsmann’s 4-2-3-1 – the alternative, more wing-focused look at the 4-2-2-2 method in which Muller instead pulls the strings off the right wing. And Serge Gnabry is at the top.

Of course, there is also his immense experience and leadership on the field. Muller engaged in animated discussions during the late first-half break with injury with the rest of the entire four front teams: pointing to top scorer Leroy Sane and Kingsley Coman, as if to suggest where they might take more threatening action. Sadio Mane ended up with an arm around Muller’s shoulder, as if to calm him down and turned down Muller’s radio dial a bit.

Drive, intensity and intelligence – says Muller, Bayern often do too. That’s why it Very crucial to the teamShow it again today.

The midfield lineup shown

It was a role and a new side of the court today for Marcel Sabitzer. It’s mainly posted on the left, where it can come down and cover Alphonso Davies’ front projects, vs Wolfsburg VFL. Against Union Berlin last weekend, Sabitzer was the primary outlet in front of the central defender – the usual role of Joshua Kimmich.

Today, Kimmich is back in his usual spot, and Sabitzer is the one venturing further forward – and on the right instead. As far as putting more defensive responsibilities in Kimmich’s hands – while leaving him in the possession of play; Look at the second goal – perhaps it was also meant to highlight Sabitzer’s offensive qualities.

With Coeman on the wing and Muller lurking in the penalty area, Sabitzer pushed high in half the spaces into the attacking midfield areas, at times spreading to the wing. Bayern’s accumulated groups on the right side of the field helped, leaving Sane and Davies isolated on the left. And Sabitzer found good angles for long shots too – arriving late in the penalty area to hit a rebound in the 37th minute, for example, he went off the mark.

Leon Goretzka is now fit again after a long spell in the second half. It does not look sharp yet, but there is no doubt that the time will come soon. When that happens, it will add another change to Nagelsmann’s toolbox. Will Bayern settle into stable patterns, or let matching demands dictate their midfield plans?

Individual defensive measures kept the net clean

Inter showed more than a little quality in the future, and were consistently Bayern’s biggest test of the year. Especially with Bayern often up front, it was because of the individual quality and focus in the moments of the transition, and the Bayern defense provided the team with openings or decisive interventions.

Sure, Inter weren’t the most accurate, and couldn’t even take advantage of Lucas Hernandez’s gift with the ball in the 83rd minute, but the defenders still have to be up to the task. Mainly, they were.

When the center back moves forward – risky moves! – they are usually right; Matthijs de Ligt’s yellow card counters a notable exception. For the most part, Bayern got the ball back before things got too messy, and their composure were rewarded with excellent transfer opportunities for themselves.

However, there were structural weaknesses. With Davis pushed and staying high and with no Sabitzer there to cover, Inter found joy down the right wing, firing Denzel Dumfries into space on several occasions. Despite the quality of the passing they showed to seize these opportunities, the Nerazzurri’s touch seemed to fade with the final act. Bayern could have punished with a better threat from the right wing, especially in the moments when they scored 1-0, it seemed like a meaningless risk.

front foot mentality

By the first half, Inter scored 1 of 5 shots on goal, Bayern had 9 of 14. As usual, they could It was conceivable that it was clearer and more clinical, but that was just the right energy. After a tired and almost lackluster display against Union Berlin, that was the Bayern strength we are used to seeing. Pressed off the field from the first minute, Inter snatched away Bayern Munich and kept their lead with goals that always seemed to come, ending the match with superb, tidy and efficient management.

This is where it is almost pointless to pit single player attributes against each other. Yes, only XI can be picked to start each game, and we may all have our individual favorites as fans, but a performance like this reflects the whole mood of the locker room. Everyone should prepare to run it at the same moment and think and work as a team.

There is a lot of praise that players get from this game – and we’ll reach those in the Match Awards! – But the general atmosphere is an all-encompassing teamwork.

If there were any doubts after two stumbles in the league, Bayern have shown they have what creates champions. Bring F.C.B.

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