Four reasons why the Diamondbacks deserve your attention in September, including Zac Gallen’s goal-free streak

The hottest team in the National League isn’t Juggernaut Dodgers Or the world champion brave. No, it’s sub.500 Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona 9-2 in the last 11 games, this includes sweeping three games from white sockstake two out of three of Phyllisthree of four of bruerand so far one of one of the parents. That’s nine wins in 11 games against four clubs playing urgently and on the post-season berths.

“I think it was a tough test and I think we pass. We are doing well,” Diamondbacks manager Tori Lovolo said during the Brewers series. “We’re a good baseball team. When we do things the way we know how to do them, and keep pushing every single day, we’re a good baseball team. And it started together for us, but it’s a process. That process for young players takes time. It takes a process for players. who are meeting for the first time at the big league level some time ago. And I think our guys are very engaged and excited. And we’re fighting against really good baseball teams.”

The 9-2 stretch improved Arizona to only 65-69 on the season, And stay out of the wild card race. Linebackers D are a different team now. They’ve called up several high-profile prospects in recent weeks and have a few big young leagues starting to emerge on their own as well. It’s unlikely that one would run into a wild spot and, realistically, challenge the Dodgers for the NL West title. next one The season is also unlikely, but the D linebackers are starting to get interesting.

Here are four reasons why the D-Backs deserve your attention as the MLB 2022 regular season comes to an end.

1. Galen’s point-free line

Very quietly, Zach Gallen’s D-Backs ace ran his goal-free streak to 41 1/3 of a back-to-back innings with a seven-stroke effort against the Brewers last weekend. The last time he allowed a run was on August 2 and he tied a league record by throwing six or more games without goals in six consecutive games. Don Drysdale (1968), Uriel Herchiser (1988) and Zach Greinke (2015) are the only people who have done this.

Here are the longest goalless streaks in baseball history:

  1. Uriel Hersheyer, 1988 Dodgers: 59 roles
  2. Don Drysdale, 1968 Dodgers: 58 turns
  3. Bob Gibson, 1968 basics: 47 runs
  4. Zack Greinke, 2015 Dodgers: 45 2/3 runs
  5. Karl Hubel, 1933 giants: 45 1/3 turns
  6. Sal Magley, Giants 1950: 45 strokes
  7. Brandon Webb 2007 Diamondbacks: 42 turns
  8. Zach Gallen, 2022 Diamondbacks: 41 1/3 innings and counting

“Okay, at this point now, I’m there, so I might as well try to figure out what the deal is,” Galen joked about chasing Webb’s franchise record that doesn’t score any points. “I mean, I think I’m only one way away, so I might as well try. My job is to go out there and throw zeros, so it kind of falls in line to do my job.”

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Obtained from Miami Marlins Straight to Jazz Chisholm on Trade Deadline 2019 – Talk about a win-win trade, right? The 27-year-old Gallen has a 3.12 APR in nearly 400 runs with Arizona. Adjusted to the ballpark and MLB’s attacking environment, Gallen was 37 percent better than the league average with linebacker D. If he’s not well-meaning he’s pretty close to one.

The next Galen start is currently scheduled for Sunday (September 11th). will face Rocky At Corse Field, which will put the point-free streak to the test. However, there is also a chance Galen will exit that game with the third longest negative streak in baseball history. That would be quite the achievement.

(It should be noted that Gallen threw seven rounds without goals at Course Field on August 13, the second start of his active six-game goalless streak.)

2. The children are coming

Last week, Arizona called up quarterback Corbin Carroll, arguably the best player in baseball. He’s only 5 for 25 (.200) through six games, but Carroll isn’t the first to have a slow week in the major leagues and it won’t be the last. By all accounts, kid has the tools to be a superstar, with a strength/speed skill set that summons Grady Sizemore.

Monday’s D-Backs summoned Ryne Nelson, Their odds are #8 according to MLB.comHe fired seven goalless rounds against Padres in his first league appearance. Nelson is the first bowler to score seven goalsless runs on his MLS debut since Logan Allen did so with San Diego in 2019, and the first to do so without a walk since. pirates Right Nick Kingham in 2018.

“Just reinforcements and things like that, but as soon as we went out and took the first hit, it all went away and I played the game I’ve been playing forever,” Nelson said about nerves during his debut. “…It kind of makes you realize where you are and makes you feel good. You worked so hard to be able to take on guys like [Manny Machado and Juan Soto]. “

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In addition to prospects making their MLS debut this season, the D-Backs have also received solid work from the 26-year-old occasionally catch/defendant Daulton Varsho (89 on the field and 31 in the catcher), and the 25-year-old – Old defensive player Jake McCarthy. The third man on the base, Emanuel Rivera, 26, has a .847 OPS since coming from Royals in secondary trade.

Arizona has more talent on the way, too. The farm system, topped by player Drew Jones (#2 in the 2022 draft) and shortstop Jordan Lawler (#6 in the 2021 draft), has been ranked as one of the top five players in baseball by both. America baseball And the Carol and Nelson are awake now. Soon they will be joined by other talented kids as the D-Backs take steps toward contention.

3. The Wonderful Season of Walker

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First essential man Christian Walker, waiver claim from Orioles Way back in February 2017, she’s having a uniquely excellent season. The .235 batting average is ugly to the eye, there’s no denying it, but Walker also hit 31 home runs while both pulling (11.5 percent off board backs) and out (18.6 percent) at better-than-average rates. MLB averages 8.2 percent walks and 22.3 percent strikes. The walker is not the typical low/high slow racket.

Also, Walker is the best defensive first baseball player. Various defensive stats think so, anyway. check it out:

No baseman has posted their first 15 defensive runs since Mark Teixeira in 2012, and Walker has been 13 points above average the second most baseman since Statcast began publishing the data in 2016. The first baseman is better than Walker this year He’s Walker himself – he had 15 points above average in 2019.

Defensive stats can be fickle, especially at first base because a lot of the center’s defensive responsibility involves hands and feet around the bag rather than the range, but they all agree that Walker is not only the best first baseman defensively in the game, he’s the best first baseman defense in the game by a mile. The numbers say no one is close.

One of the things you don’t really appreciate until you have it, and Walker provides it for the D-Backs, is the Elite Basic First Defense. It also provides strength and ability to base, with offensive production 26 percent better than the league average once adjusted for the ballpark and MLB’s offensive environment. Converting a waiver claim to a 4 player WAR is a great move. Well done, D-Backs.

4. They can play spoiler

The D-Backs may not go beyond the season themselves, but they can make life miserable for teams still in the race. I refer you back to the last two weeks: The 9-2 stretch came in Arizona against the White Sox, Phillies, Brewers and Padres. The full-back D has 28 games left this season. This is the breakdown:

  • Against the dodgers: 8
  • Against the giants: 6
  • Opposite Padres: 6
  • Opposite the Rockies: 3
  • Vs. Beer Making Machines: 3
  • against. Astros: 2

The Astros and Dodgers aren’t in danger of missing out on post-season, but the Brewers and Padres certainly are, and whatever opportunity the Giants have in post-season, it will require beating Arizona. The D-Backs have a chance of being a real headache in the extended wild card race, and given the way they’ve been playing the past few weeks, I’d rather not have to go through it to get to October.

“We have goals and things we want to achieve before this season ends.” Lovullo said over the weekend. “I love that we play meaningful games late in the season. Who knows – it might be meaningful to us.”