HIGHLIGHTS: Toluca 0-0 Chivas in Liga MX 2022 | 09/04/2022

8:26 pm 16 hours ago


The match ended, Toluca and Chivas shared the points.

8:22 PM 16 hours ago

93 ‘

Alvarez’s shot, but Jimenez prevented the ball from entering.

8:20 pm 16 hours ago


Look for changes. Violante and Rodriguez were replaced by Ruiz and Meneses.

8:12 PM 16 hours ago

83 ‘

Always not! After reviewing the VAR, the referee indicates that a penalty kick is not permitted.

8:10 pm 16 hours ago


Penalty kick for Chivas! Orozco falls inside the penalty area and the penalty kick is awarded.

8:03 PM 16 hours ago

74 ‘

A powerful shot from Toluca, but the ball ends up in Jimenez’s hands.

7:54 PM 17 hours ago


Cisneros’ cross, Alvarado’s shot on goal ended wide.

7:53 PM 17 hours ago

62 ‘

Chivas change. Alan Muzo replaces Isaac Brizuela.

7:47 PM 17 hours ago

58 ‘

Toluca change. Jordan Silva comes in and is replaced by Leo Fernandez.

7:46 PM 17 hours ago


Chivas came close to scoring the first goal for the visitors.

7:38 PM 17 hours ago

48 ‘

A goal keeper! Vega’s shot that Volpi ended up deflected correctly.

7:35 PM 17 hours ago


The match starts again in the second half.

7:19 pm 17 hours ago

45 + 1′

At the end of the first half, the score remained tied at zero goals.

7:18 pm 17 hours ago

39 ‘

Toluca searches for the first, but the defense avoids dangerous access.

7:03 PM 17 hours ago

31 ‘

Close! Alexis Vega arrived with danger, but when he backed away and moved away from Volpi, the defense ended up removing the ball.

6:55 PM 18 hours ago


Gonzalez’s header ends up crossing the goal.

6:48 PM 18 hours ago


A goal keeper! Jimenez made a fine save to prevent Toluca from taking the lead.

6:48 PM 18 hours ago


The match was full of liveliness, with the two teams battling over the ball in the midfield.

6:32 PM 18 hours ago

0 ‘

The events begin in Nemesio Diez

6:23 PM 18 hours ago

Chivas: LineUp

Jimenez. Sanchez, Orozco, Olivas, Sepulveda; Flores, Beltran, Brizuela; Alvarado, Zaldivar, Vega.

6:23 PM 18 hours ago

Toluca: LineUp

Volpi. Guzman, Orchard, Nile Towers, Angle; Baeza, Sierra; Navarro, Ruiz, Meneses; Carlos Gonzalez

6:21 PM 18 hours ago

to court

Both teams are already preparing for this important match and will be looking to put in a good display.

6:16 PM 18 hours ago

at home

Toluca, led by Ambrese, is already on the field as he will seek to get back to winning ways.

6:11 PM 18 hours ago


Chivas have already arrived at Nemesio Diez, and this afternoon they will be looking to continue their winning streak and get three out of three.

6:01 PM 19 hours ago

Conclusion of the trip

This match will conclude on the 12th of Apertura 2022, a date that brought some surprising results.

5:56 pm 19 hours ago

duel history

These teams played 68 matches, of which Chivas scored 18 wins against Toluca on 26, and drew on 24 occasions.

5:51 PM 19 hours ago

watch out for this bloomer

Toluca should pay close attention to Angel Zaldivar, the red and white player has scored three goals and will look to add more to continue pushing Chivas into the top spots.

5:46 PM 19 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Leo Fernandez is someone who is looking to put the locals ahead, he currently has four goals and will be looking to increase his personal numbers.

5:41 PM 19 hours ago

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Stay tuned for the Toluca vs Chivas live stream

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Where and how to watch Toluca vs Chivas match live online

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When is Toluca vs Chivas Liga MX Matchday 12?

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Chivas data

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Toluca’s statements

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How will you reach Chivas?

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How does Toluca come about?

5:01 PM 20 hours ago

The match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium.

The Toluca vs Chivas match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium in Toluca, Mexico. The stadium can accommodate 36,100 people.

4:56 PM 20 hours ago

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