How the Braves’ rising power caught the first-place Mets in the once-dormant NL East race

The brave She is half back mets Entry Thursday, a day after they set identical records 85-51 after a long run by Atlanta, who were 10.5 games behind New York at the NL East on June 1.

It’s an amazing turnaround, even from the world championship champs. Courtesy of @SlangsOnSports Twitter via Elias Sports Bureau, the Mets are only the eighth team in the Division Era (since 1969) to lose a lead in the 10-plus league.

How did this happen?

For the record, it’s mostly about what the Braves did, not what the Mets didn’t do. New York still has a 53-34 record since June 1, the sixth best in MLB.

Juniors: Second Michael Harris was called up on May 28, and Spencer Strider joined the duty on May 30. They fed the Braves with the best baseball record (63-24) since June 1. One of the best players in the Braves, and two of the best up-and-coming players in baseball, while bringing a lot of character and production.

Money Mike nods power and speed (15 HR and 16 SB in 90 games) along with a Gold Glove defense. It adds up to the historical bullish pace. His war rate per 162 games this year is 7.8. The last three rookies to make it this far were Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, and Ichiro Suzuki.

Strider averages 13.7 strokes per nine runs, all while rocking his trademark mustache. This would be the second-highest average by any pitcher (not just a rookie) in MLB history, with at least 100 IPs, behind Gerrit Cole (13.8) in 2019. Braves scored nine runs with 16 hits last week.

They prepare to be the second pair of teammates in the past 30 seasons to finish 1-2 in the Rookie of the Year vote, along with Craig Kimbrel and Freddie Freeman in 2011, also for the Braves. They are also on track to become the first junior teammates with 4+ WAR each since 1999, when Freddy Garcia and John Hallama did so for sailors.

Deep assortment: The Braves have been leading the big leagues in goal-scoring (5.5 runs per game) since June 1 while the Mets have finished 17th. The Atlanta offense has the game-changing power of top-down line-up, thanks to the depth of second Harris and 21-year-old teammate Vaughn Grissom and others. The Braves are known as the home batting team, while the Mets aren’t, but that’s still hard to believe. During that time, the Atlanta 7-8-9 hitters have more HRs (50) than the heart of the Mets lineup, 3-4-5 (39).

Deadline deals: Neither team has had much success on deadline, though the Mets have made several under-the-radar acquisitions designed to create a deeper lineup with platoon advantages, but they haven’t paid off yet. Daniel Vogelbach, Tyler Naquin and Darren Rove have a common slash of .255/.316/.413 with 8 Hours in the Mets’ Z.

They also traded with Mychal Givens to help strengthen the bridge from a solid starting spin to turn out the lights near Edwin Diaz. Givens struggled, though, allowing 11 ER on 15 IP with the Mets.

Take advantage of the schedule: Although the Mets bounced back on Wednesday with a double-headed sweep, the latest hiccup was costly. They lost three consecutive matches to Citizens And the pirates With a combined score of 22-4. According to StatsbySTATS Twitter, The Mets were the first team in MLB history to have three consecutive games losing by 6+ games to a team with 30+ wins less than them.

New York will have ample opportunity to reverse its recent trend with the easiest remaining schedule in baseball, including its next 10 games against the Buccaneers, Marlins And the Cubs.

The Braves showed no cracks against their own simple timeline. Since June 1, Atlanta has been massive with a 47-7 score against teams that currently hold under 0.500 records. They only lost one series to a losing team in that period, June 17-19 against the Cubs.

.500 baseball games for about a month: The Mets have run a record 0.500 (12-11) since they started a four-game game in Atlanta on August 15, losing three of their four games. If there is one area of ​​the team that is under the most pressure, it will be the offense that ranks 17th in the number of runs per match (3.96) in that time frame.

Lots of Baseball Left: While Momentum favors the Braves, there is still nearly a month of baseball going, and the percentages favor the Mets and their easy schedule. According to FanGraphs, New York still has a 65 percent chance of claiming the NL East title. The division could come down to a three-game streak between the two teams in Atlanta during the final week of the season. It could also go down as one of the most memorable team chases ever. Both teams are on their way to more than 100 wins. This may be the sixth time in the divisional era (since 1969) that multiple teams from the same division have won over 100 matches. This most recently happened with the Dodgers and Giants last season.