It’s hard to see the giants’ organizational progress when the Dodgers come to town

San Francisco – Cole Waits Maybe he was the only one in giants Who had an unforgettable night.

He appeared for the second time in his career from the First Division. He scored his first major league strike – against a former best player Mocky Pets, no less. Then, before Wits hit the shower, he knew he was going to get a championship ring. Waites kicked off his season with a strong throw approach for High-A Eugene, who rallied twice in the late innings Friday night to claim the Northwest League title with a 9-7, 10 game victory in Vancouver.

“Unbelievable,” Waits said. “This team has had a great season.”

It was like two teams. Several of the players with the best first-half performances Eugene-Wits, rookie Kyle Harrison, right-hander Landin Robb, loyal Nick Avila, third baseman Casey Schmidt, second baseman Carter Aldrett have been promoted to Double-A Richmond. The players who took their place from Low-A San Jose were effective and almost intriguing.

Almost all of the top players in the Giants system have made their way through Eugene at some point this season. Many young people were on their level. Marco Luciano, the hard-hitting knockout, turned 21 a week ago. Midfielder Luis Matos is even younger. Outfielder Grant McCray, who may have had the biggest breakout of anyone in the Giants system, finished his season with a hit he can’t remember. He wiped out the deficit in two rounds with a home run three times at the top of the ninth. Jimmy Glowink hit the tiebreak, two-stroke Homer in 10th. Matos captured the locker room celebration with screams, screams, and beer on Instagram Live, and by the way, isn’t it appropriate that the legal drinking age in Canada is 19?

The Giants’ Orange also won a championship in the Arizona Complex. San Jose withdrew in the first round of the Cal League playoffs, but had a solid season. Richmond will open its Eastern League competitions on Tuesday. Matos and left Carson Weisenhant, who could become one of the first members of the 2022 class to reach the majors, topped the group that The Giants will be sent to the Arizona Fall League. There was a lot for the organization to celebrate in the minor league system, although some of the Giants’ most notable potential players were frustrated by injury or performance. Count this too: Waits became the first player drafted by the Farhan Al-Zaidi/Michael Holmes system to reach the major tournaments.

And now, here in the seventh paragraph, we should write a transition that you don’t want to read. Because the current state of the major league list of giants is less prosperous, especially when Dodgers In the city as a measuring stick very strong and very stiff.

The Giants scored twice on Friday night in a 5-0 loss to the Dodgers at the beaches of Macauvey Cove. The first of them was the dribbling off the field Luis Gonzalez In the sixth half. David Villar, giving a vortex as a cleaning hitter, was the other. The stands were as permeated as ever, in blue and white. Logan WebHis 90 pitches bought him just four rounds against a relentless squad. Last October, his exchange rate was much better. Webb needed 92 pitches to throw 7 2/3 closing rounds against the Dodgers in an NLDS Game 1 victory.

The Dodgers will not be pushed to the brink this regular season by the Giants or anyone else. They actually shot their own beer after snatching NL West. They shouldn’t have much at stake over the last three weeks, other than keeping their 9 1/2 match lead over New York Mets To advantage the domestic field through the NL playoffs and 5 1/2 game on Houston Astros For the home field if there is a World Championship rematch. They may have been motivated to win eight of their last 19 games to break the franchise’s record of 106 wins in a season – a number that, as incredible as it may sound in the past, wasn’t enough to keep the Giants away from the Western National League champions. for a year.

But they continue to play just as hard. They stole four bases on Friday night. Joey Gallo Take an extra bass grab by holding a dive into the left field corner. Cody Bellinger He removed another with a wall highlight that you wouldn’t see on highlight rollers because it made it look so easy. The Dodgers won the match in the eighth inning but scored the fifth and final inning anyway when Bellinger stole second base and Freddy Freeman Sweep it home. Freeman tried to run twice as fast, so why not? When the call didn’t go the dodgers’ way, challenge it. Why not.

It wasn’t the scene the Giants envisioned in April when the season was young, and coach Gabe Kapler said without apology that his team would continue to take extra rules, mine advantages and play hard until the final no matter how far they progressed in the game. Scoreboard or whatever the unwritten rules say. Some opponents were not happy with that. It didn’t turn into an ongoing problem, did it?

The Giants are 30 1/2 games behind the Dodgers. They have a +1 running difference compared to their arch-enemy +323. And you can conjure up all sorts of ways in which the gap between these two privileges can widen before it narrows. At the risk of having you turn whatever device you hold onto into an airborne projectile, just imagine if the Dodgers offered everyone a signature. Carlos Rodon This winter.

If anyone in the Giants club can straddle the line between present and future in this rivalry, it’s Webb. He dominated the Dodgers in the playoffs last year. This season, the Giants were 1-3 in their match against them. In Webb’s three second-half games against the Dodgers, they scored 12 points in 17 innings. Webb showed frustration in the attack zone on Friday night. He threw four hits with two hits.

“I feel like they got my number another three times, to be honest,” Webb said. “I felt like my stuff was pretty good today. I was just missing out and they were taking it. And when I left something on top of the plate, they were taking advantage of it. A nine-star lineup would do it.”

Webb said that last part in a sad tone. And after…

“I wish I could face them again,” he said. “I love competing against the best. I feel like I’ve done well against them before, so it’s not like I can’t do it again.”

Webb won’t see the Dodgers again until next season, but he has goals in mind for the remaining three games. He’s hoping to amass the 18 rounds he might need in his first 200 rounds – a standard that more than a dozen major league bowlers are likely to reach. He noted that his speed increased during his earlier starts and that his mechanics are feeling better than they have been all year. He managed to put durability on the list of attributes that made him a great player last season. There’s plenty to celebrate in his year too.

And one day soon, the Dodgers will likely face young players like Luciano, Schmitt and Matos behind them. And a few big-ticket agents wouldn’t hurt either. Giants chief Greg Johnson has said he will delegate “whatever it takes” this winter to support the Giants next season, which they can achieve even if the Dodgers move to the division’s secretariat again next year. With a balanced schedule reintroduced, the Dodgers will be playing a dozen times instead of 19 as well.

The Giants can find reasons to celebrate their progress and even the doubles championships, given that they are fully organizational. Even when you limit your studies to the list of the major league, you can take a look at their record 5-1 against brave And the Phyllis In September he drew the blurry outline of a rival team with lots of useful or salvageable parts.

But when the Dodgers are in town, there’s no attractive angle for a photo shoot. You’ll just have to hope for better lighting.

(Photo: Kelley L Cox / USA Today)