Ivan Fedotov reported that he signed a new contract with CSKA Moscow, but the KHL club denied the agreement

Word surfaced early on Wednesday that Russian goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov had a leadHe is said to have signed a three-year agreement to stay with CSKA Moscow from the Kontinental Hockey League, but the team and the league have since denied having a contract or any discussions about one of them.

Fedotov signed One-year entry-level deal with Flyers in May After he announced his intention to leave Russia to work in the NHL.

The pilots had intended to get the 25-year-old network guard to serve as a backup for Carter Hart, but that plan soon fell apart when Fedotov attempted to leave Russia.

On July 1, reports emerged that Fedotov was arrested by Russian law enforcement authorities for evading military service He was held in St. Petersburg. In Russia, men between the ages of 18 and 27 are required to serve at least one year in the military, a law also upheld by CSKA Moscow due to its ownership history with The Russian Ministry of Defense, with its evasion punishable by imprisonment up to two years.

Fedotov was forced into conscription, Then they were sent to serve at a military base in the far north of the country.

In the seventh round of the 2015 draft by the Flyers, Fedotov was a rising star in Russian hockey, highlighted in the 2021-22 campaign that saw the Russian Olympic Committee support a silver medalist at the Winter Olympics and CSKA Moscow to the KHL Gagarin Cup title.

Running in the NHL with the Flyers seemed like an obvious next step, but the Russian government, being tough on its stance with its invasion of Ukraine in the background, caused any thoughts of that, and Fedotov’s hockey career altogether, to a forced halt.

Since then, Director General of Pilots Chuck Fletcher has been unable to comment on Fedotov’s situation due to his hypersensitive nature.

On Wednesday, CSKA Moscow and the KHL leadership were vocal in their rejection of a new contract for the goalkeeper.

“The club president has not met Ivan Fedotov, as he serves in the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” he added. CSKA Moscow president Igor Ismannovic said in a statement on the club’s website. Accordingly, there was no discussion, no contract. I would like to appeal to journalists who are brazenly and illiterate trying to promote themselves on this matter, and ask them to stop such speculation.”

“The rights in the KHL to goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov belong to CSKA. At the moment, the league has not received documents for registering a contract with a hockey player or requests for the possibility of concluding a contract with Fedotov.Via The Philadelphia Inquirer).

The legal defense of Fedotov filed a complaint with the state to invalidate the decision to serve in the military. The preliminary hearing will take place on September 20.

Fedotov’s one-year NHL contract for $925,000 is still in the Flyers books, Per CapFri Friendlybut is currently considered a no-list deal.

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