Jack Grealish is being treated unfairly because he is English, claims Kevin De Bruyne | Manchester

Kevin De Bruyne has said Jack Grealish is an easy target for unfair criticism and believes his Manchester City team-mate is being judged harshly simply for being English. Grealish scored his first goal since May As the city defeated the wolves At the end of the week his impact was heavily scrutinized, leading Pep Guardiola to defend the England striker’s contributions.

Grealish was named to Gareth Southgate’s squad to face Italy on Friday and Germany the following Monday in the Nations League. When asked if Grealish is being criticized more because of his nationality, De Bruyne replied: “Yes. It’s not about football. Outside of football, the focus is more on them.” [England players]. I understand that because they are English and people tend to look more [at] What is happening.

“I feel like foreign players, for example if I have a night out we don’t check in that often. Whereas I feel if an English player goes out it’s always in the media somewhere. I think people take this on board as well. What he does in his private life he does, no one should care, but people do.”

Grealish opened the scoring after 55 seconds in City’s 3-0 win over Molino, after which he said the continued commentary over his lack of goals and assists since joining the club in a record-breaking £100m deal from boyhood club Aston Villa was justified. . In 28 games last season, the 27-year-old scored three league goals, one less than central defender Aymeric Laporte.

Guardiola cited Grealish’s price as a factor in the fanfare. “When you pay so much for a transfer, they have to do incredible things,” said the City manager. “It has to be the same, that’s it. Good moments, bad moments for everyone. The important thing is: ‘I’m Jack Grealish, I play like me.'” I go there with a good mindset and try to do my best for myself to help us all. That’s all i want “.

De Bruyne said Grealish needed time to adjust to different expectations as well as the environment after his move. “With all due respect, he’s been in Villa before, and if you lose a match sometimes, it’s not the end of the world,” he added. “But if we lose a game it’s different. We have to play every week and win matches. That’s different and what he had to adapt to. As long as we win matches and he does a good job for us, that’s all that matters.”

Grealish was subjected to a painful challenge in the first half by Nathan Collins, who awarded Wolverhampton central defenders a straight red card in 33 minutes. It was painful,” Grealish said. “He grabbed me around my stomach. I talked to him and he didn’t mean it, and it’s obviously fine. I got in because if I won the ball I’m off and I think I would have passed [on goal]. “