Joseph Martinez suspended for one week from Atlanta United

Martinez had a complicated relationship with most Atlanta United managers. Manager Gabriel Hines forced him to train himself, and he was soon fired due to the team’s poor results. Earlier this season, Martinez Invited team members and front office members After the team was defeated 3-0 by Austin.

Martinez has always been emotional, especially after the losses. Previous managers have allowed Martinez’s teammates to handle these situations, according to another person familiar with the situation.

In the six seasons he spent with Atlanta United, Martinez appeared in 130 matches, including 11 starts, and he has an advantage – 97 goals. Martinez helped the club win the MLS Cup in 2018, the US Open Cup and the Campeones Cup in 2019. He was named MLS Player of the Year in 2018.

Martinez’s suspension likely means Ronaldo Cisneros, on loan from Chivas, will continue to play as a striker. He is second in the team with seven goals.

Martinez has one year left on his contract, with the team having an option for the 2024 season. Martinez said he does not yet know if this will be his last year with the club. Martinez has repeatedly said that he loves Atlanta and wants to stay with the club for as long as he wants.

The comment is another piece of negative news for the team this week following Tuesday’s report from Myles Robinson arrested to commit an alleged misdemeanor.

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Atlanta United 2022 MLS schedule

February 27 Atlanta United 3, Sporting KC1

March 5 Colorado 3 Atlanta United 0

March 13 Atlanta United 2, Charlotte 1

March 19 Atlanta United 3, Montreal 3

April 2 Atlanta United 1, DC United 0

April 10 Charlotte 1, Atlanta United 0

April 16 Atlanta United 0, Cincinnati 0

April 24 Miami 2, Atlanta United 1

April 30 Montreal 2 Atlanta United 1

May 7 Atlanta United 4, Chicago 1

May 15 Atlanta United 2, New England 2

May 21 Atlanta United 2, Nashville 2

May 28 Columbus 2, Atlanta United 1

June 19 Atlanta United 2, Miami 0

June 25 Toronto 2 Atlanta United 1

June 30 New York Red Bulls 2, Atlanta United 1

July 3 Atlanta United 2, New York City 2

July 9 Austin 3, Atlanta United 0

July 13 Atlanta United 2, Real Salt Lake 1

July 17 Atlanta United 1, Orlando 1

July 24 Los Angeles Galaxy 2, Atlanta United 0

July 30 Atlanta United 0, Chicago 0

August 6 Atlanta United 2, Seattle 1

August 13 Atlanta United 2, Cincinnati 2

August 17 New York Red Bulls 2, Atlanta United 1

August 21 Atlanta United 2, Columbus 2

August 28 Atlanta United 3, DC United 2

August 31 Philadelphia 4, Atlanta United 1

September 4 Portland 2 Atlanta United 1

September 10 vs. Toronto, 7:30 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

10 September 14 in Orlando, 6 p.m.

September. 17 vs. Philadelphia, 3:30 p.m., Unimas

October 1 in New England, 1:30 p.m., Onimas

October 9 vs NYCFC, TBD, BSSO/BSSE