Kupp is transitioning from an All-Pro year with Robinson, without Woods

Thousand Oaks, CA (AP) – Cooper Cobb and Robert Woods were very close to two receivers during their five seasons alongside the Los Angeles Rams.

They worked together, studied together, and created a lifelong bond that would outlast Woods’ surprise trade in Tennessee.

As Kupp begins his attempt this month to build on one of the greatest seasons by a passing player in NFL history, he won’t have Woods on his side. Instead, newcomer Allen Robinson stepped in with a passion for success and a style of play that seemed to complement Kupp well.

After sitting out preseason, they will finally play a game together Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills.

“I think at this point, everyone is pretty much ready to go ahead and see what 2022 is all about,” Cobb said. “I think that’s the thing from the start: What can we talk about? It’s a new year and what’s the old saying? Rent comes due every day.”

Even with several months away, Kupp’s 2021-22 numbers are mind-boggling: He led the NFL with 145 catches for 1,977 yards and 16 touchdowns in the 17-game regular season, becoming the fourth receiver in the Super Bowl era and first since 2005 To win the so-called Triple Crown to receive.

He built on his first All-Pro career season and the AP Offensive Player of the Year in the playoffs, hitting 45 again for 625 yards and six touchdowns. The last score was the most important, because it turned out to be Super Bowl winning points at 1 yard with 1:25 to play.

Kupp won a Super Bowl MVP with eight catches for 92 yards and two TDs. What followed was an off-season of accolades, accolades, public recognition, and stardom on a level he hadn’t experienced.