San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan joined KNBR this morning. Theme Tree Lance It came, as expected. The 22-year-old quarterback is starting his first season as a full-time NFL player after spending all of his 2021 rookie campaign. Jimmy GaroppoloBackup.

Now, Garoppolo is Lance’s backup, and the offense belongs to quarterback for the second year. Some still doubt the team’s confidence in Lance.

Brian Murphy and Keri Crowley asked Shanahan about Beers’ previous comments to defend Cory Wootton’s comments about a lack of faith, saying Justin Fields would beat Lance on Sunday. The NFL player turned podcaster points out that the Niners didn’t make the Lance captain and brought back Garoppolo as evidence that they lack confidence in the young quarterback.

How does this kind of outside noise affect the 49ers coach?

“Zero,” Shanahan replied with a laugh. “It’s like a fan is talking, and someone doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. Not insulting a fan or anything, but there wasn’t anything substantive there. That’s just reading the headlines and trying to make that into the opinion of football.”

However, the noise is there, and it’s not likely to go away any time soon. While the 49ers coach doesn’t seem interested in that, he has tried to explain the team’s thinking on this off-season.

“Guys, this is the first year you see for us,” Shanahan said. “We were giving away $24 million starting quarterback to do this. We gave it back for a backup price. I don’t think it had anything to do with mistrust at the start of your business. This would never have happened if it had just not happened. We didn’t pay off there. We were lucky. So obviously we were ready to go in a different direction, and we ended up with something falling into our lap.

“The captain’s voice is all [argument] It’s kind of a joke to me. [Defensive end Nick] Bossa finally got enough votes to get to sixth place, and look at those six people in front of Trey. I think they all deserve that vote. And just give it to a man in his first year [as a starter] Just because he’s a quarterback, the only reason we did it was to avoid questions and articles, and that’s not really what we do. We try to do what the team votes on.”

Earlier this week, Shanahan shared that Lance just missed being among the team’s six captains. He came in seventh place in the team vote.

Shanahan added, “If I had guessed the sounds, I would have guessed he was right where he was. So I have absolutely no problem with that.”