Lotta Wins, Young’s Big Moment, McKinstry’s Good Now, Thompson’s Picnic at Rehab, Pujols Feasts on Meatballs, Cubs Bullets

Back in mid-July, the Chicago Cubs are between 28 and 25 years old. It’s annoying that they’re not in a playoff race, but I mean, that’s good stuff. There are positive signs here! The Cubs can finish the second half with a winning record.

  • Jared Young, who made his league debut at 27, got his first career debut yesterday, and he definitely enjoyed the moment. I love this:
  • Young’s teammates in the Iowa Cubs locker room erupted in cheers when he was hit with this blow, According to Alex Cohen.
  • Zach McKinstry, who tripled and rented yesterday To deliver the offense to the cubs, he may find his foothold. Keep in mind that he was zero for his first five games with the Cubs. since then? It hit .253/.301/.460/110 wRC+. For a companion guy who can play all corners and base two, that would not only be good, but great. It’s only 94 PAs, although it hasn’t yet shown the ability to reach that level in the major tournaments over any kind of continuous period, so I’d be really careful before buying out completely. However, if he stays up to the league average the rest of the year, keeping him at 40 players this off season would be a no-brainer. It may already be.
  • Keegan Thompson threw 45 throws in tonight’s successful rehab run for the Iowa Cubs:
  • I don’t initially expect a lot of rehab trips for Thompson if he’s already in 45 pitches, because I don’t think Cubs are planning to extend him to 80+ before the end of the season.
  • I think we should see Adbert Alzolay again very soon today. Hayden Wisinski starts today! Fun stuff!
  • Fabulous. MLB teams are primarily competing for commercial rights in international areas, and I think this will become a much bigger story soon:
  • It is not at all difficult to imagine that the Cubs want – for example – to have Japan as one of their markets, which will motivate them to add more Japanese stars …
  • Marcus Strowman talks about the younger players on his team, gets a chance to show their potential, and I think he’s looking forward to next year:
  • Cardinals fans got very angry at me over this tweet:
  • I wasn’t talking about some kind of conspiracy. *I was* pointing out that Pujols have been fortunate to have had a load of meatballs lately to feast on (or at least that it felt that way to me when I see the highlights). Go get 700. It’s a great story. whatever. I was just pointing out what this funnyly horrific stadium was. Probably as bad as it can get.
  • This is a great partnership:
  • I didn’t know this was happening, which is very annoying:
  • Overall with Padres so far, Soto’s ISO is only 0.121, which is slightly below the league average (.150). He still takes a lot of walking and hits so little that his overall slash is above average (.210/.376/.331/114 wRC+), but oh god it’s not that hitter you earn it to be. Given his hit ball metrics, though, there must be a lot of bad luck out there, as he still seems to be making a really good connection overall.
  • …Maybe Padres should get rid of him after the season at no charge and the Cubs will take him, I think.
  • This Mets fan didn’t like me enjoying the Mets’ failures this week against the Cubs: