Mets, Max Scherzer Hope Last IL Mission Prepares For October

by Dhusar village
FOX Sports MLB Writer

Max Scherzer and the mets They play it safe because, for now, that’s really all they can do.

Scherzer was placed on the injured list on Wednesday, retroactively to September 4, with what the Mets called “left-side irritation.” Scherzer, chasing his 200th career win on Saturday, instead pulled himself off his start against Citizens After five runs and 67 throws.

He felt the “left side fatigue” that appeared during that outing and persisted even four days later. Scherzer said he underwent an MRI Tuesday in Pittsburgh, which revealed inflammation on his left side.

The shooter said the immediate plan was for Scherzer to stop shooting “for a few days.” The team expects him to miss the first two games while in IL and rejoin the rotation when he qualifies, putting his comeback close to September 19 to begin the Mets’ six-game journey to Milwaukee and Oakland.

“These are days, not weeks,” Scherzer told reporters Wednesday in Pittsburgh. “This is not a major injury.”

This is Scherzer’s second trip to IL this season and his third different injury this year. He missed nearly seven weeks until the end of May and all of June due to a left-leaning strain. Back in April, his season debut was a bit delayed as he was working to overcome a hamstring problem.

Scherzer has been consistent in refusing that the constant irritation of his left side is anything more serious than that. Several times on Wednesday, he said his discomfort would be cleared up within days. The right-handed even cited the Mets’ medical staff and relayed, “Everyone out there thinks this is going to work out really fast.”

It’s a positive outlook, but questions remain about Scherzer’s health for the rest of the season, possibly through a deep playoff.

While he is expected to be back in circulation after at least 15 days in IL, anyone would guess if his left-sided issues will resurface next time on the hill. Scherzer said his irritation “isn’t a long-term injury,” but how can he be sure that the discomfort appears on the same left side for the second time in just over three months?

Scherzer and the Mets are downplaying the disease that has caused his second assignment in the IL this season with the hope that the next two weeks will be enough time for the ace to stabilize. Really, they have no choice but to follow this plan, given their position in the baseball calendar.

If the 38-year-old returns to the spin after his expected minimum stay on IL, Scherzer will have enough time to score two starts—both of which will likely come with pitch and inning limits—before the Mets play a critical series starting September .30 in Atlanta. . New York will want to have a 1-2 punch ready and resting for that regular season finale with brave, which may only decide NL East. The Mets and Braves entered Wednesday in a tie for first place in the tug-of-war.

“Only my left side feels pain,” Scherzer said. “It’s not stress. I don’t have a specific place you can point to where it hurts. It’s just general fatigue on the whole left side. The first time I did this, I had a specific place. That’s not what this is. This is the good in this.”

the left David Peterson (7-3, 3.32 ERA) is the obvious candidate to cover Scherzer’s pair from the lost start. The team from Peterson will need to play this weekend in Miami and again next week, likely against pirates at Citi Field, before checking if Scherzer feels better enough to get out of IL. Fortunately for the Mets, while Scherzer is away, they will be playing with three teams (the Pirates, Marlins And the Cubs) which has a combined .401 win ratio. New York is in a strong position to weather its last bouts of adversity thanks to schedule alone.

But the big picture, the Mets’ goal of ending their 36-year championship drought depends on Scherzer being in good health. New York should hope that his last period in IL will be enough time for him to recover, no matter how severe or small the disease may be. The Mets are in the midst of a Pennant race, and they can point to Scherzer’s 2.26 ERA across 20 starts as one of the biggest reasons they have held onto the top spot for as long as they have. They can also refer to Scherzer and co-ace Jacob Degrom As keys to getting to that promised land.

Grab the top performances from Scherzer and DeGrom (4-1, 1.98 ERA) this season and starters Chris BassettAnd the Taiguan WalkerAnd the Carlos Carrasco Others have gathered to record 4.32 ERA. That would rank 21 in MLB among the Novices, a far cry from the Mets’ actual rotation of 3.52, which is good for a fifth in baseball and second in the National League.

Mets Scherzer needs ready-to-go, full-bore, for post-season. This is when they will need his super competitive attitude and insane control. For now, all they can do is hope that the next two weeks are the last time he misses before the calendar turns to October.

Disha Thoussar is an MLB writer for FOX Sports. She has previously covered for the Mets for the New York Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at @Dishes.

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