Mets vs. Pirates – Game Summary – September 7, 2022

Pittsburgh – – Tyler Naken And the Eduard Escobar A back-to-back home win in the fourth inning, the New York Mets beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-1 in the first game of a two-header game on Wednesday.

The Mets moved half the game back against Atlanta to take the top spot in the NL East by relying on the combination of strength and pitching that has kept them at the top of the division since early April.

Chris Bassett (13-7) hit 10 in seven innings, helping New York avoid their first four-game slip of the season. Bassett’s 13 wins are the best of his career, as he topped the 12 games he won while playing for Oakland in 2021.

And while the Braves steadily lagged behind New York’s lead in the East – which grew to as much as 10 1/2 games at a time – Bassett insisted the Mets didn’t panic over the World Series Champions push.

“I’m sure the world is going crazy, but, I mean, we’re fine,” Bassett said.

New York Ice Jacob Degrom (4-1) It is scheduled to start the second game of the two-header against Pittsburgh Johan Oviedo (2-1).

Naquin fired a three-stroke shot at the bulls behind the middle field fence for Homer’s 11th of the season. Escobar followed him with a high lead to the benches over Clemente’s 21-foot wall in right field who bet the Mets for a 5-0 lead.

“I think it’s a reminder of what he’s capable of,” New York manager Buck Showalter said of Escobar, who has three home runs in his last five games and is his .410 hitter (34 of 83) career.

Naquin, Escobar, Alonso’s house And the Brandon Nemo He took two strokes each for New York, who scored more runs in the first four rounds than she managed during a three-game slip against Washington and Pittsburgh.

Nimmo led the match against the opener Duane Underwood Jr.. (1-6) with one infield. Alonso followed him with two goals and Nemo scored at the sacrifice Jeff McNeill.

The Mets broke his opening at four when Daniel Fogelbach – Acquired in a deal with Pirates in July – on its own, Bryce Wilson Mark hit Kahn with a pitch, and Naquin has followed suit with his fourth Homer since he was acquired in a deal with Cincinnati on July 28.

Greg Allen He earned double the RBI for Pittsburgh. Rookie shortstop Anil Cruz And the first base man Michael Chaves Two injuries each.

The Pirates have fallen to 5-19 in their last 24 games and haven’t won back-to-back competitions in over a month.

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Mets: RF . contract Starling Mart Out of the squad a day after he got his hands on a 96mph fastball from Pittsburgh Mitch Keeler to the middle finger of his right hand (throwing). Showalter said Marty returned for more tests on Wednesday after some imaging results Tuesday night were inconclusive. … RHP . has been set Max Scherzer In the 15-day casualty list with left-sided irritation and recalled mitigator Alex Claudio of Triple-A Syracuse.


The Pirates called in Hoy Park of Triple-A Indianapolis, 1B/C Zack Collins demanded exemptions from Toronto and RHP Junior Fernandez from waivers from St. Louis. To make room in the 40-man roster for Collins and Fernandez, left-handed pirate named Cam Phieu and companion player Josh van Mitter for commissioning. VanMeter hit .187 with three home runs and 14 RBI in 67 games for Pittsburgh.

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DeGrom will face the Buccaneers for the first time since 2018 in Game 2. DeGrom is 1-2 with 2.43 ERA in four games against Pittsburgh.