Mitch Trubesky voted for Pittsburgh Steelers captain, listed as starting QB on depth chart

Pittsburgh – What was telegraphed long ago is now official: Mitch Trubesky He is the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who started the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Trubisky, who was named captain of the team on Monday, is listed as the first-series quarterback on the team’s first official depth chart, solving the task on the first-round selection. Kenny Beckett And the long-time Steelers backup Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph was listed as the second-team quarterback and Beckett was the third-team QB on the depth chart released Monday, but was amended on Tuesday to make Beckett the second-team quarterback and Rudolph No.

“All three quarterbacks have been great, if I’m honest, but Mitch is the guy we’re riding with,” defensive captain Cameron Heyward Monday said.

The veteran was signed to a two-year, $14.2 million contract in free agency, and Trubisky was the favorite in a three-man race entering training camp. Previous overall pick was #2 by the Chicago Bears in 2016, Trubisky arrived in Pittsburgh one year later Josh AllenWith buffalo bills.

He started all three pre-season games this year and completed 24 of 34 attempts for 283 yards and two touchdowns. He appears to have sealed the starting assignment in the final pre-season when he played the entire first half and closed the second quarter with an effective touchdown drive of 1 minute 20 seconds, completing all six attempts for 83 yards.

Trubisky, 28, was voted as one of the five captains of the team along with running back Nagy HarrisHeyward, linebacker TJ Watt Safety / Special – Teamer Miles Kelibro.

“It’s a great honor,” Trubesky said of his appointment as captain. “Anytime you are being voted on by your teammates and teammates, it obviously means a lot. I just came here, try to lead by example, earn the trust of my teammates, and for them to vote for me as captain, it definitely means a lot. .”

Head coach Mike Tomlin was expected to announce the start of the first week on Tuesday, but an official depth chart surfaced on Monday afternoon ahead of Tomlin’s press conference. Prior to the advent of the depth chart, Trubisky had not revealed his coach’s plan – even if the captain seemed to indicate which direction Tomlin was leaning.

“You can assume anything you want,” Trubesky said. “I mean, no, he’ll make the announcement when he needs the announcement, but you won’t hear from me. And we’re just getting on with our work.”

Trubisky said the last time he was a captain for a season was during his college career in North Carolina.

“I’m just being myself,” Trubesky said. “It’s just something that comes with a center-back. You lead the attack, you lead by example, but you also want to lead the whole team, the special teams and defense. You just want to be that guy, day in and day out, guys can look at him and be like, ‘” Hey, if you do it the way this guy does, we’re going in the right direction.” And I just try to do it every day and be consistent.”

Since signing with the Steelers early on in free agency, Trubisky has demonstrated leadership qualities both on and off the field. Prior to training camp, Trubisky invited several members of the crime to his Florida home for off-season training and bonding at the weekend.

“He opened his house to us and things like that,” Court end Pat Freermouth He said, “It kind of made us believe in him.”

Trubisky isn’t the only captain to go the extra mile in the off season. Harris impressed the midfielder when he traveled to visit him after Trubisky signed a two-year contract with the Steelers in March.

“He came…to talk about like what we’re going to do this year and we’re just going to be a great teammate,” Trubesky said of Harris. “He’s been there for me since day one. And to me, it’s the little things that people don’t see leaders do on a daily basis. Having those relationships that go deeper with your teammates, that’s why he’s who he is.”

Harris and Kylebro are captains for the first time, while Hayward has been captain for eight consecutive years. Watt is captain for the second time in his career after receiving the honor for the 2020 season.