NFL Predictions for 2022: Finding a Floor and a Ceiling for Chiefs

On Monday, three different NFL writers posted their predictions for how the 2022 season will turn out. Let’s examine the floor and roof of what they expect of Kansas City this season. In this exercise, we’ll look at the floor as the Chiefs losing their opening appearance after the season is over – and the ceiling as their last appearance win.

Peter King

In the “Morning Soccer in America” ​​column on MondayThe NBC Sports The commentator published his predictions for the upcoming season. In the past four years, King has done very well; She picked his pre-season predictions correctly Energy winner.

King was characteristically modest about it, calling it “a shocking history of Peter King” and bluntly saying, “My record is forever saying I stink.” But the same, Super Bowl LVII predicted – Bills victory over Green Bay Packers – It must be taken seriously.

Here’s how King sees the Asian qualifying rankings and results.

1.buffalo bills (13-4) A 6-0 finish in East Asia makes all the difference when so many contenders have tough division slates.

2. Baltimore Ravens (11-6) decimated by injury in 2021, healthy in 2022 – including in the middle. important in Joe Boroughto divide.

3. Los Angeles Chargers (11-6) Achievement of the Year: The Chargers Go 4-2 in the toughest division since the 2002 rearrangement to eight divisions.

4. Tennessee Titans (10-7) A slight nod over the Colts, judging the Titans averaged 35 games against Indy in their last three meetings, all winning.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-6) It’s almost a choice with the charger, because I think the scrolling game will be fine after Tyreek.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) The first place table brings Cincinnati to the ground a bit, but the Bengals will still be a threat.

7. Miami Dolphin (9-8) TuAnon, rejoice. It’s not just Terek Hill who will beat this crime. It’s Chase Edmonds rushing for 1200 yards.

Wild Card Tour: Baltimore over Miami, Chargers over Cincinnati, Kansas City over Tennessee.

Section tour: Buffalo over Kansas City, Chargers over Baltimore.

Asian Championship: Buffalo 26, Chargers 20.

Here, King expects the AFC Western Chargers to win with a tie-breaker over the Chiefs – but after advancing on the Wild Card Tour, the Chiefs will fall to the Bills in Buffalo.

Peter King’s Heads Floor: Wild Card Playoff Appearance
Ceiling of Peter King Heads: The emergence of the Asian Championship

John Brick

in The NFL Predictions article was published on MondayThe CBS Sports The analyst referred to his record in a less modest way than King did. But maybe it should have been more decent.

In four of the past seven years, I’ve correctly picked the AFC team that ended up in the Super Bowl, and in two of the last seven years, I’ve ended up winning the Super Bowl with everything.

There probably aren’t many Chiefs fans who would consider predicting him 31-24 Denver Broncos A victory over the Packers in the 2022 tournament to be equal to the electrons used to create it. With that said, here’s how he sees West Asia:

1. Chargers: 12-5
2. Heads: 11-6
3. Bronco: 10-7
4. Raiders: 9-8

That’s right: Breech expects the Broncos to enter the post-season by finishing third and marching through the playoffs to Arizona. why? Because in the past two seasons, the Super Bowl winner has gotten a whole new quarterback.

Here’s how he’s thought to play after the AFC season ends:

1. Bills
2. Chargers
3. Crows
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Heads
6. Bengals
7. Bronco

Wild Card: Broncos 27-20 over Chargers, Bengals 34-27 over Ravens and Chiefs 31-23 over Colts

Division: Broncos 26-23 over Bills, Chiefs 37-30 over Bengals

Asian Championship: Broncos 23-20 over the heads

Note that Breech is thinking all three of Wild Card teams will advance to the Divisional Round – and the Broncos will outsmart the bosses in a low-score game.

John Breech’s Chiefs Floor: Wild Card Playoff Appearance
Roof of John Brick Heads: Super Bowl appearance

Vinnie Ayer

in 2022 forecast for sports newsIyer also sees the Los Angeles West win a tie-breaker over Kansas City — but this time, the Chiefs will face the Chargers for the right to lose to the Packers in Arizona.

west Asia

1. Chargers (12-5)
2 – Presidents (12-5)
3 – Bronco (10-7)
4. Raiders (7-10)


1. Bills
2. Crows
3. Chargers
4. Ponies
5. Heads
6. Bengals
7. Bronco

wild card tour: Crows over the Broncos, Chargers over Bengals, Chiefs over ponies

Section tour: heads on bills, chargers on crows

AFC Championship Match: Chargers above the heads

Vinny Air Chiefs Floor: Wild Card Playoff Appearance
Finney Air Ceiling Heads: Super Bowl appearance


It’s great that these three national pundits all pick different AFC teams to make it to Super Bowl LVII – but only one team represents NFC. This clearly indicates that from a national perspective, the AFC is wide open – while the NFC is not.

Two of them are also anticipating the Asian Championship between two Western-tier teams – and all three think so at least Two AFC West teams will arrive in the post-season.

All three see the Chiefs making post-season as a Wild card – but two see the team lose their seventh consecutive West Asian title in the tiebreak. However, all three see a path Kansas City could reach the AFC Championship for the fifth consecutive season, while two see a path that could lead to a Super Bowl appearance.

But no one actually sees the presidents the win That’s the championship match.

From a national perspective, these things are not unreasonable. Playing in a league where passing is king, Kansas City without a wide receiver would be much more productive — and rely on defense on more than a few very small players. Our own perspective – that the team now has a collection of passers that arguably arguably the best in franchise history, along with a more sporty and opportunistic defense – can’t be seen from a distance.

It’s also not unbelievable for National Writers to see quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs take a step back in 2021. If we’re being honest, that’s the story the numbers tell — even if our perspective offers a different narrative.

One thing is for sure: If Kansas City can rise above the floors (and especially the roofs) these writers describe, it is unlikely that any of them will ever again account for a team led by Mahomes and coach Andy Reed.